Do not delay the construction of large, temporary coveted care facilities

Do not delay the construction of large, temporary coveted care facilities

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Since February the world has known that an important part of the Wuhan fight against the novel coronavirus was to build school dorms and hotels from mass quarantine facilities and sports stadiums, exhibition centers, and even cultural hospitals beyond area hospitals . Explain that India started this fight on March 25 in Bayana. Two and a half months later it was confirmed that the cases were nearing 3 lakhs and still climbing upwards, with uncertainty about when different parts of the country would experience different infections. For India too, bed inventory is an important part of fightback through temporary area hospitals.

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This will allow traditional hospitals to focus on patients in more serious condition. It has to be remembered that if these hospitals themselves turn into hotspots, this will reduce the availability of doctors and other health workers already in India. Governments with intermittent curbs on testing or coercion of a non-mixed mix of Kovid and non-Kovid care at the same facility, non-payment of salaries, attacks on doctors, etc. all make our precious hospitals unnecessarily Makes them weak. Such behavior should not continue otherwise we will all pay a higher price for them.

The issue of building large-scale but basic and temporary Kovid care area hospitals has so far been available with abundant scalable grids. But the administration really needs to speed up. We are far from the time when governments can tell us what places they have built to build these empty facilities. Instead tell us that these facilities are ready, today, this week, with necessary medical equipment, proper toilet facilities and manpower. Wait until patients are standing in a crowded queue – as happened before, when migrant workers were desperate for transportation. These beds will come ready for the patients.


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