Doctors have expressed concern over the rising cost of the vaccine

Doctors have expressed concern over the rising cost of the vaccine

The Pakistani-American Association of Physicians of North America (APPNA) has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan to express its concerns over the rising cost of the corona virus vaccine, and expressed concern that It will be expensive for the country’s poor. .

The letter begins with bringing the Prime Minister’s attention to the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRPP) to allow 40 per cent markup for vaccine importers and an additional 15 per cent markup for retailers. can go.

According to the letter, “According to this formula, two doses of Sputnik-Vaccine are priced at Rs. 8,449 and one dose of Kansy Biolox Vaccine is priced at Rs. 4,225,” the letter said.

The association said the 15 per cent markup on life-saving drugs in a poor country like Pakistan “could not be justified in any way”.

“APNA is concerned that in a country where 30-40% of the population lives below the poverty line, the rise in the cost of Covid 19 vaccines and inflation will push it out of a very large proportion of the population.” Will, “letter

He said the vaccine was the only way to control the corona virus epidemic, adding that if hundreds of millions of people in the country could not afford it, the consequences would be “devastating”.

“No human tragedy should be allowed to be used for profit. Apna has appealed to them to take stock of the situation immediately.”

Stating that the government is in a good position to negotiate the price of the corona virus vaccine, APPNA urged the government to import it itself. “Ideally, the government should provide this vaccine to all people for free. Although the country’s financial situation eliminates it, it should be provided to the population at no cost. The letter said that the provincial and federal governments should work together to provide subsidies to the poor, and to help the people in the administration and management of the corona virus.


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