Donald Trump considers suspending H1B, other visas: report

Donald Trump considers suspending H1B, other visas: report

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Washington: US President Donald Trump is considering suspending several employment visas, including the most sought-after H-1B among Indian IT professionals, in the wake of massive unemployment in the US due to a coronovirus epidemic.
The proposed suspension could extend into the government’s new fiscal year starting October 1, when several new visas are issued, The Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed administration officials on Thursday.
The daily report states that any new H-1B holder outside the country can be prevented from going to work until the suspension is over, although visa holders already in the country are unlikely to be affected.
H-1B is the most prestigious foreign work visa for technology professionals in India.
Such a decision by the Trump administration is likely to adversely affect thousands of Indian IT professionals. A large number of Indians have already lost their jobs on H-1B visas and have returned home during the coronovirus epidemic.
The White House, however, said no final decision has been made and the administration is considering various proposals.
White House spokesman Hogan Golly said in a statement, “The administration is currently evaluating a wide range of options devised by career experts to protect American workers and job seekers, and especially disadvantaged citizens Have been prepared, but no decision of any kind has been made. ” .
In addition to H-1B visas, suspension may apply for H-2B visas for short-term seasonal workers, shifting J-1 visa company for short-term workers, including camp counselors and au pairs and L-1 visas for internals Is, Financial Daily Report.
Meanwhile, US Chambers of Commerce CEO Thomas Donohue wrote a letter to Trump on Thursday, expressing concern over his alleged move to a temporary work visa.
In a letter to Trump, Donahue said, “As the economy rebels, American businesses will need assurances to meet the needs of all their employees. It is important that they have access to talent.”
According to The Hill newspaper, Donohue stated that US businesses require holders of L-1 visas for the required expertise, who have a relatively short work visa.
The newspaper said that they noted the importance of H-1B visa holders, who have valid work visas for many years for various industries including technology, accounting and manufacturers.
“Policies will, for example, place broad restrictions on entry of non-immigrant workers or impose burdensome new regulatory requirements on businesses employing foreign nationals, which will weaken talent access and in the process, grow their economy and Will reduce the ability to make. ” Jobs, ā€¯Donohue said.


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