Donald Trump makes national monuments a crime punishable by up to 10 years

Donald Trump makes national monuments a crime punishable by up to 10 years

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Washington: US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to prosecute those who harm national monuments, making it a punishable offense with a prison sentence of up to 10 years.
The order comes after the riots to destroy and destroy historic sites, monuments and statues in the country following the brutal death of African-American George Floyd on 25 May. The president has accused the radical for the violence.
Trump said in a strongly worded executive order on Friday, “My administration will not allow violent crowds abetted by a radical margin to become arbiters of aspects of our history that can be celebrated in public places”.
Trump said that in the past five weeks there have been frequent attacks on the lives and property of citizens, law enforcement officials, government property and revered American monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial.
“Many of the rioters, arsonists and left-wing extremists who have executed and supported these acts have clearly identified themselves with ideologies – such as Marxism – that call for the destruction of the United States government Are, “he said.
Under the order, the federal government is directed to prosecute any individual or institution that damages or defends religious property and withholds some federal support from state and local governments that prevent public monuments, Monuments and statues fail to protect them from destruction or vandalism.
Anarchists and left-wing extremists have sought to advance a fringe ideology that portrays the United States as fundamentally unjust and to impose that ideology on Americans for fear of violence and mob, Trump said said.
They led riots in the streets, burned police vehicles, defended their property to government officials as well as killed and slain government officials, and even seized an area within a city Taken where law and order gave way to anarchy. During the unrest, innocent civilians were also harmed and killed, attacked by the President.
“These criminal acts are often planned and supported by agitators who have traveled across state lines to promote their own violent agendas. These fundamentalists shamelessly attack the legitimacy of our institutions and the very rule of law.
“Individuals and organizations have the right to advocate peacefully for the removal or construction of any monument. But no person or group has the right to damage, damage or remove any monument by the use of force.
The law entitles him to imprisonment of up to 10 years for willful injury to a federal property. The executive order also directs that those who incite violence and illegal activity are fully prosecuted under the law.
State and local law enforcement agencies that fail to protect monuments, monuments and statues will be subject to withdrawal of federal support. The Attorney General will, according to the executive order, take all appropriate action against individuals and organizations participating in unlawful acts – related to rioting and destruction of federal property.
The White House said, “The rioters have broken and torn down monuments and statues, honoring the most important figures in our country’s history.”
In Portland, Mobb tore the statues of our founding fathers — George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. In San Francisco, rioters awarded a statue to Ulysses S Grant. Even Boston and Washington, D.C. There are also calls for the removal of the statues of Abraham Lincoln.
The statue of the martyr Christian Hague, who was fighting for the Union Army during the Civil War, was torn down in Wisconsin.
The White House press secretary said, “Today President Trump has taken swift action to protect our nation’s history and on an executive order directing the enforcement of law for those convicted to prevent public violence Signed has protected and protected our nation’s history from mob violence. ” Stating that the order would provide assistance for the protection of federal monuments, monuments, statues and property.


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