Donald Trump prepares for conference on the road as Joe Biden

Donald Trump prepares for conference on the road as Joe Biden

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Washington: To desecrate the political stage, President Donald Trump continues his campaign schedule as Democrats begin their national conference, which is aimed at aggressively combating the show of former Vice President Joe Biden.
Trump was visiting Minnesota and Wisconsin on Monday – later the official host state of the fully virtual Democratic National Convention – to launch a week of travel and political events aimed at blunting the customary voting “boom” Which a candidate gets during their conference week. The President conducts both public and private surveys three months before Election Day.
“I have no choice” but to oppose Bidenagram this week, Trump told “Fox and Friends” on Monday, which he says is media coverage that favors Biden. “I don’t have time and we have a man who doesn’t get out of his basement that the media covers.”
Since marking its heaviest week of political travel, coronoviruses have halted their campaign schedule and halted their reunion opportunities, with Trump sharply criticizing Biden’s economic policies in the upper Midwest battleground states Was expected
On Tuesday, Trump will travel from Biden to Yuma, Arizona, regarding his immigration policies during his visit. He is also scheduled to travel to Biden’s birth state of Pennsylvania on Thursday, ahead of the Democrats’ acceptance speech.
Trump’s aggressive rebuke comes as his reunion route has narrowed since the Coronovirus hit, and he was forced to defend in states that had taken him to reunion four years earlier. Republicans say Minnesota was seen as a GOP pickup opportunity a year ago, now out of reach.
Wisconsin, a state that voted for Democratic presidents for decades until Trump’s 2016 victory, has emerged as one of the toughest battleground of 2020. Trump’s campaign has seen the state’s WhatsApp, older demographics more favorable to Michigan, which Trump also won four years. First but increasingly being seen as a potential Democratic pick-up.
Trump’s campaign is seizing on Biden’s decision not to travel to Milwaukee, citing the epidemic, as Democrats ‘effectively abandon Wisconsin.’ The GOP is beefing up the Republican surrogate in a demonstration of force this week, including Vice President Mike Pence and Republican National Committee Chairman Rona McDaniel.
Democrats insist that they are still contesting the state, where they are devoting resources to television commercials and field organizing, but that Biden is traveling only cautiously and non-necessarily because of the coronovirus . He and Senator Kamala Harris, his newly-announced running mate, are set to deliver their conference addresses from Biden’s home state during this week’s visit, reducing the need for air travel.
The Republican Party and the Trump campaign are also intensifying their efforts as Biden is at the center stage. The RNC said Trump Victory, the campaign’s joint field event with the Republican National Committee, would hold more than 2,500 events across the country. They plan to knock over 1 million doors and call in millions more voters during the week of the democratic convention.
“Look, we’re going everywhere during this conference,” said Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley. “We originally bought the masthead of YouTube, Daily Caller, other places, so when you go online you’re going to see the excitement. You’re going to see the device built in this campaign that’s jealous. Political. Universe. And we’re going to flex a small muscle this week. ”
Trump’s campaign as the events of this week are looking to redefine what the president’s political programs look like in the age of the coronovirus. Trump is set to address hundreds of supporters at airports in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and hundreds of supporters at airports in Minnesota, Minnesota, to drop plans to resume rallies amid resurgence in cases when was forced.
In Minnesota, there is a statewide facade mandate for public indoor spaces, and capacity must be limited so that safe social distance can be maintained. In Wisconsin, supporters are required to be masked, but there is no statewide limit to how many people can gather.
Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, is trying to set historically high expectations for the Biden campaign.
“You better believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going somewhere between 8 and 10 points after this conference,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told Fox on Monday. . ”


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