Donald Trump: Previously, Twitter warned of fact-checking in Trump’s tweet World News

Donald Trump: Previously, Twitter warned of fact-checking in Trump’s tweet World News

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Washington: For the first time, Twitter Gave the green signal to some president Donald TrumpTweet with fact-checking warning.
On Tuesday, Twitter added a warning phrase in two. Trump tweeted Mail-in ballots are called “fraudulent” and have predicted that “mail boxes will be looted,” among other things.
Under the tweet, a link is now read to “get the facts about mail-in ballots” that guide users to the “moments” page on Twitter and check the news about Trump’s outspoken claims .

So far, the president has flouted Twitter’s half-hearted efforts to enforce rules aimed at promoting citizenship and “healthy” dialogue over its most prominent user.
Trump often amplifies misinformation, spreads misuse and uses his pulpit to personally attack private citizens and public figures – all of this prohibited under Twitter’s official rules.
In a statement, Twitter said that Trump’s vote-by-mail tweets “contain potentially misleading information about voting procedures and are labeled to provide additional context around mail-in ballots.”
Trump has never faced Twitter restrictions on his account before. The husband of a woman who died in an accident in the office of the then GOP rape two decades ago. Joe Scarborough recently took to Twitter to remove the president’s baseless tweet, saying that Scarborough, now a fierce Trump critic, killed him. Twitter issued a statement expressing regret to the husband but no action has been taken on those tweets yet.
Over the weekend, the president issued several tweets questioning the legality of the mail-in-ballot. A storm of tweets following Trump’s Facebook and Twitter posts last week incorrectly claimed that Michigan’s Secretary of State mailed ballots to 7.7 million registered voters. Trump later deleted the tweet and posted an edited version threatening to still hold federal funds.
The Twitter policy “forbids sharing false or misleading information with the intent to intimidate or dissuade people from participating in an election or other civic process.” While it has previously flagged tweets giving false information about the COVID-19 epidemic, it has never before seen warnings on tweets for any other reason.
Trump responded on Twitter, accusing the platform of “interfering in the 2020 presidential election” and insisting that “as president, I will not let this happen.”

His 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said that Twitter’s “apparent political bias” led the campaign to pull from “all our ads from Twitter months ago”. Twitter has banned all political advertisements since last November.
Trump’s Scarborough tweets offer another example of the president’s use of Twitter to spread misinformation – in this case, about an accidental death that Trump became associated with co-hosting MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show happened.
“My request is simple: please delete these tweets,” Timothy J. Klausutis wrote to Twitter CEO Jack dorsi Last week.
The body of 28-year-old Lori Kaye Clausutis was found in the Congressional Office on July 20, 2001, at Fort Walton Beach, Scarborough. Trump repeatedly tried to put Scarborough to death, even though Scarborough was in Washington, not Florida, at the time. .
There is no secret to the death of Lori Klausutis. Medical officials ruled that the aide, who had a heart condition and had told friends hours earlier that she was not well, fainted and suffered a head injury. Foul play was not suspected.
Klausutis wrote in his letter that he is struggling to get on with his life due to “bile and misinformation” circulating about his wife on stage, most recently by Trump. His wife remains the subject of conspiracy theories even 20 years after his death.
Klausutis called his wife’s death “the greatest painful thing I’d ever dealt with” and said that she felt a marital obligation to preserve her memory, “one day on lies, quasi-innocence, innocence and conspiracy theories.” She died continuously. ”
Trump’s tweets violate Twitter’s community rules and terms of service, he said. “An ordinary user like me would disappear,” he wrote.
At Tuesday’s White House briefing, Press Secretary Kayle McNee repeatedly refused to say why Trump was pressing baseless allegations or whether he would stop tweeting about them. Instead, she focused on the comment that Scarborough made about the case she said was unfair and untenable.
Dorsey did not directly respond to Klausutis’ letter and has not taken any action on the president’s tweet. In a statement, Twitter said that “these statements are deeply sorry about the pain, and the attention they are attracting is causing the family.” Scarborough has urged the president to stop his baseless attacks.


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