Donald Trump says he will not order Americans to wear masks

Donald Trump says he will not order Americans to wear masks

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Washington: President Donald Trump has said that he would not order Americans to wear masks to prevent the spread of coronovirus, saying that people should have “a certain freedom”.
America’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. His comments came after Anthony Fauci claimed that state and local leaders appealed to people to “wear as many masks as possible” in public places.
In an interview on ‘Fox News Sunday’, Trump said, “I don’t agree with the statement that if everyone wears a mask, everything disappears.”
Commenting on the initial comments of top health officials, Trump said: “Hey, Dr. Fauci said don’t wear masks. Our Surgeon General – the terrible man said – do not wear masks. Everyone who is saying not to wear a mask – suddenly everyone has got to wear a mask, and as you know the mask is also the cause of the problems. ”
Trump, who has been seen wearing a face mask only once, said, I believe in masks. I think masks are good. ”
But Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said social disturbances are an important factor to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and it can be difficult for more people to go out.
“When you’re living your life and trying to open up the country, you’re going to come into contact with people. And for that reason, we know that masks are really important, and we have to use them everywhere Should, “he said. During an American Chamber of Commerce virtual event.
Americans are actually slowing reopening the country by wearing masks, CNN quoted Fauci during an American Chamber of Commerce event.
“If we can understand more people, hopefully we will get more people, who will be willing to wear masks.”
He said they would urge “leaders – local political and other leaders – in states and cities and towns to make their citizens wear masks as strong as possible.”
He said that the country does not have to focus on the problems and worry about the second wave.
“When you are transitioning to 70,000 new … you need to pay attention to what is going to happen now or later in September or October.”
According to Johns Hopkins University, 77,255 new cases were reported on Thursday, surpassing the previous record two days ago.


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