Donald Trump’s sister calls him ‘cruel’, ‘liar’ on secret recording: report

Donald Trump’s sister calls him ‘cruel’, ‘liar’ on secret recording: report

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Washington: Donald Trump’s sister described the US president as cruel and false, whose lack of principles meant he could not be trusted, according to recordings secretly published on Saturday.
It was the latest ineffective insider account to target the president, instead of just a jilted colleague or business associate, it was one of his closest relatives.
Marine Trump Barry slapped his brother on his immigration policy that saw the children separated from their parents at the border and sent them to detention centers.
In a recording obtained by the Washington Post, he said, “What he wants to do is appeal on his own basis.” “He has no theory. None.”
“His god tweeted and lied, oh my god.”
The recording was secretly made by the president’s niece Mary Trump, who last month published a blatant memoir of the “toxic family” that created her.
The president’s younger brother Robert, who died last week, went to court to try to block his publication, arguing that Mary had signed a non-disclosure agreement signed in 2001 after disposing of her grandfather’s estate Was violating, but to no avail.
Some 950,000 copies were sold on the day the memoir was released, with the White House calling it a “book of lies”.
At one point in the recording, Barry told his niece: “It’s the loneliness of it all. It’s loneliness and it’s cruelty. Donald is cruel.”
The recording also highlighted the source of an embarrassing claim in the memoir that the president paid someone to give him a college entrance exam.
“He was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania because he was given an exam,” Barry said.
The president or the White House did not immediately comment on the recording.


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