Dozens of couples in Kurram district have been seen getting married in a mass wedding

Dozens of couples in Kurram district have been seen getting married in a mass wedding

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KURRAM: Dozens of couples were seen tied in a knot at a mass wedding held at Parachinar Eid Gah on Tuesday in Kurram district of Kohat division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is an open wall.

Guests included tribal leaders from across the district and local dignitaries who attended the event, as well as commanders of the 73rd Brigade of the Pakistan Army, several officers of the forces, the bride and groom’s family and relatives and others. Civil Society

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“We are very happy that we are getting married,” said one groom. “We had been engaged for many years but were unable to arrange a wedding due to poverty.”

According to one of the participants, some grooms in a total of 50 rooms have been waiting for marriage for 10 years after their engagements.

One wedding guest said that due to rising costs, “they were unable to arrange a proper wedding.”

Tribal leaders emphasized that ensuring two meals a day was a challenge in the face of rising prices, hurting daily wage earners and middle-income families across Pakistan.

“In this age of sky-high prices, holding mass weddings is a commendable effort,” he said.

Arrange the house properly

Organizers noted that the newborn couple was provided with clothes, kitchen utensils and carpets, as well as other necessary household items.

“If they decide to go and build their own house, they will not have to buy anything from the bazaars themselves, but they will have a suitable house for themselves,” the organizers said.

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To date, about 5,000 couples have married in such gatherings, he said.

Local leaders insist that mass marriages should continue after that, especially considering the importance of marriages and how the development of their areas should be left behind.


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