Dozens of people drowned after a boat capsized from Mauritania

Dozens of people drowned after a boat capsized from Mauritania

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NOUKACHOTT: Around 40 people are feared dead after a migrant vessel sinks off the coast of Mauritania United Nations Refugee Agency Said on Thursday.
In a tweet, Vincent Koktel, the agency’s special envoy for the central Mediterranean Sea, said one of the people West african states Sovereign survived.
According to Koketel, the boat from the northern city of Naudahibou, was the second largest boat while the boat was being played, without specifying when the event occurred.
“The new ship off the coast of Naudahibou # Mauritania, about 40 persons on board, there is a Survivor (From Guinea) Koktel said on Twitter.
However, details about the incident are unclear, and the accounts are conflicting.
Mauritian security officials, who declined to be named, told AFP that the sinking did not make room in Mauritanian waters.
The officer interviewed a Guinea survivor from a hospital bed in Mauritania, however, who said he and his friends had attempted to travel Morocco For the Canary Islands of Spain.
After the boat’s engine failed, the passengers aboard the ship reportedly jumped into the open sea.
“UNHCR and IOM (International Organization for Migration) With officials and partners trying to prevent such tragedies from happening, but smugglers keep lying to their customers, ‚ÄĚKoketal tweeted.
Charlie Yaxley, spokesman for the United Nations Refugee Agency for Africa, said very little information was confirmed, but UN officials are on a “site providing aid”.
The incident looks similar to an incident in December, when 62 migrants drowned off the coast of Mauritania trying to make their way to the Canary Islands.
In that incident, 83 people survived the swim when their boat hit a cliff.
Efforts to reach the Canary Islands from West African countries have increased in recent years as authorities climbed crossings from Libya to Europe.


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