Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Astro Master-Key to All Luck Locks

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Astro Master-Key to All Luck Locks

Am I going to lose what I have earned? Is my reputation going to be tarnished; What will happen to my property? These concerns often linger in the minds of those who have tasted little success. Not addressing this problem properly can result in even more anxiety over time. The solution is in the hands of an astrologer who is able to give the correct answer. Simply calming the mind is not the answer; Often, negotiating the problem, if any, requires a perfect plan and path.

astrology is an explanation of turmoil

A business empire goes down; An illustrious career comes to an abrupt end; A dynamic player is no longer needed; a scholar working a short time job; The once rich living in poverty; A prolific politician lost in oblivion; A superstar fades into the background. We are witness to many such personalities who have suffered at the hands of fate. It amazes me that in his heyday no one thinks of luck, fortune, karma, dharma or astrology.

It is not that we all have these yogas or combinations of upheavals in our charts, but it is also a fact that a mild or passive form of such yogas exists, all are divisional charts. The activation of this yoga depends upon its strength, as well as the power of various other factors such as the strength of the ascendant, the strength of the upchaya houses, dasha, transits and the promise of results in the respective mandala chart.

how to read

Indian Vedic astrology is so technically detailed that a guru can quickly understand and feel the power of the above awesome yogas and can guide the native accordingly. However, the problem is a bit different; Astrologers usually focus on the questions thrown by the native and do not look for anything else. After all, if the life of the native ends before it begins, what will be the beautiful condition of generous wealth? This means that after estimating major and minor losses, the readings should be in totality.


The main problem with astrologers is one or a combination of the things described here:

a) No one is able to identify these problematic formulations.

b) No one can read the timing of the results of these yogas.

c) One is not able to assess the power of Yoga.

From the above, we can infer that most of the astrologers in the current brigade are less competent and misinformed, and the likely reason behind this is lack of sufficient practical experience.

double edged sword

I’ve seen many messy clients walking into my office, knowing a little bit about astrology. Many of them become perceptually blind because they consider their harmful yogas to be positive and fear their favorable yogas. The problem with them or with their astrology guide is that they sniff out the Yoga in the Kundli but fail to understand its interrelationship with the Lagna of the D-1 chart and the Lagna of the D-60 chart. These ignorant souls do not stop here. They strengthen their negative planets and weaken the favorable planets because of the contradiction caused by them. With this attitude the harmful become more lethal while the friends become weaker.

Who understands chart matters?

The value of showing the chart to the master becomes a priority only when the downfall is out of control, otherwise every layman knowing the twelve zodiac signs is a perfect astrologer who can predict anything anytime.

Here’s my advice to stay away from the lure of free reading; So called astrologer can ruin your life. Before letting your horoscope fall into the hands of a novice, one has to understand the gravity of the matter.

Remedies, Rituals and Astrology

spend thousands, and sometimes millions, on a ritual or remedy, but avoid an accurate reading from a guru for a few hundred; This general notion fascinates me a lot. Scientifically inclined people also fall prey to cumbersome rituals regardless of its consequences. The urge to achieve results sometimes tempts the native to such an extent that he indulges in gruesome rituals without thinking.

Here, the main objectives of astrology are defeated. The idea is to correct one’s karma or actions after reading the horoscope, but instead, the native falls for rituals, which are nothing more than a vow or a resolution to cure them. This act of clemency rarely bears fruit because nothing is done to correct the karma.

Astrology tells us what is wrong with ourselves; Astrology also says what to adjust. How to Heal Your Call: You can receive power from the Almighty by performing rituals, but karma must also change. It is not ritual but karma or change of attitude brings positivity. This karma correction is the essence of Indian Vedic astrology.

the astro-key

Astrology is certified as an ancient science and bound to give results. Therefore, do not be deprived of accurate reading in the land of seers, sages and masters. Get a holistic opinion and follow karma correction, which will wash away the sins of past lives and prepare you to face this and the coming birth.

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