Dr. Vinay Bajrangi explains how astrology can be taken to the next level of perfection

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi explains how astrology can be taken to the next level of perfection

It is widely believed that astrology is a tool for reading the future, but this statement is only partially true. Astrology or “astrology” illuminates the path to the future, and this enlightened path allows one to foresee all difficulties they may face, and thus, prepare in advance. The idea that “what is the purpose of knowing when everything is predetermined and cannot be changed” is thus conceptually incorrect, as the proper application of “astrology” is to help the individual change the future through positive “karma”. enables.

Every religious text emphasizes the importance of positive actions and maintaining high moral values ​​by sticking to the righteous path. However, negative planets in one’s horoscope prevent the native from doing so, and thus, the native falters on the positive path and sinks deeper into entanglements.

“Karma Driven Destiny” is thus a more realistic belief; This is the main principle preached by “Vedanganas” and followed by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, who is a “Karma Reformer”.

Each aspect of life is evaluated by a particular house in the horoscope and the lord of that house is known as “Adhipati”. But, the “karaka” or “karta” also has its share in evaluating the possibilities of the house. Much has been said about this factor, but the theory and its application are not as well understood as it should have been. For the sake of simplicity, let us rename the karaka as “manager” or the manager in charge of that particular household.

The light of the astrological torch or “astrologer” will illuminate the path to such an extent that nothing concerning the future will seem mysterious, provided that the role of “manager” is implemented as desired by the sages.

I will try and explain how this elusive science of “manager” destroys life.

Karaka or “Prabhandhak” Role: Reading mandalas or better charts has been challenging even for the best astrologers in the business. I have heard some highly rated astrologers talk about the art of reading mandala charts, but to my dismay, no one has come close to the basic idea and purpose of mandala charts. How the manager will discharge his duties is seen through the respective divisional chart. A native who is not doing well in a particular area of ​​life must have a faulty or incompetent “manager” in the respective superior chart. The beauty is not only in reading the abilities of the “manager”, but also how the abilities of this “manager” can be increased by doing right karma or simply by implementing “karma correction”.

The role of the “manager” in the career: Since its advent in astrology there has been continuous research, but except for some scholarly notes, the rest are just repetitive. The explanation of the role of the karaka or “manager” refers to only a few lines in even the most detailed works on astrology. If studied in the relevant charts of karma and career, “manager” gives a complete overview of the following fine details:

• The type of career that suits the person

• The damage that needs to be seen

•Which application will give which results

• Cause to flourish

• Karma correction

• KKM or Karmic Karma Mardan

Now, most of us know that Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury are the factors of the tenth house, but very few know what to make of it. For example look at the D-60 chart, the placement of Jupiter in the 5th house is not going to be auspicious for the native and his knowledge will always be reversed. It is always recommended that he should not hold a managerial position as it will not pay, but on the contrary, will be negative for him. This analysis is of only one position of a planet in the D-60 chart. What if someone had the privilege of reading all the roles of “manager” in D-60. Career confusion for that person will be settled and resolved forever.

Role of “Manager” in Marriage: When there is no Kundli matching or only Gun Milan is performed, without extensive matching, which is called “Purna Vedic Milan”, marriages often run into trouble.

Vivah Karak Mardan or VKH is a surefire solution for couples whose marriage is either not working or is on the verge of breakup. Astrologically, VKH is massaging those karakas or factors, which are responsible for the smooth running of the marriage. It has been seen that inauspicious factors in Lagna Kundli or Navamsa Kundli create disturbance in marriage. Massage of Venus and Jupiter, the karaka of marriage is the most important technique of VHS.

Past life reading also facilitates VKH, as it gives insight into the seriousness of bad deeds of past lives. A major factor that is studied through VKH is pointing to relatives whose excess also plays poorly. VKH also reviews other marriage-disturbing factors like doubts, extramarital affairs, difference in lifestyle, respect, love, bond, income.

An escape route is created to pacify the troubled marriage by examining all these things and linking it with dasha and transit, but not before telling one about the remorse to be done and the hardships to be faced.

The theory of VKH is an ancient Vedic technique, but it is not widely used as the research on it is not that deep. This is probably because the need to relieve the tension of marriage was not until recently in a male dominated society.

The true reader of the horoscope is the one who understands the hidden meaning that our seer was referring to. Just a few minutes with me can give you information about one of your symptoms. You can also learn how to overcome weak points and rule the crest. Then the fear of losing or not doing will disappear.

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