Dr. Vinay Bajrangi explains how to transform your business completely

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi explains how to transform your business completely

Building a business and running it successfully are two different aspects. Despite a stupendous sum to own a business, running it with profit depends on factors that are always unaccounted for. Of the many stories I witness, this is one that could prove to be eye-opening.

A troubled looking mother once came to visit me to check the horoscope of her doctor son. She was eager to find a way out for her son who was doing very badly in his profession.

His chart contained the following promises:

• The planets which give brightness to the native were placed in the appropriate place.

• There was no indication of any interruption in his education.

•Professional life was looking good.

• He had a remarkably strong Dhan or Dhan Yoga in his horoscope.

• There was an indication that he might start his own business.

• The Ascendant was strong and was well placed in a trine.

• The condition he was running in was average.

Despite all this, he was failing in his efforts, and averagely placed negative yogas had acquired so much strength that strong positive yogas failed to bloom.

What I collected from the horoscope of the native is mentioned below:

• He had an excellent academic background.

• He studied at a top medical college in India.

• He secured an excellent job in a premier health institution.

• He took very little time to become a skilled senior doctor.

• In a short time, he had bought a house big enough for a clinic with extra space.

However, soon, the following things happened to him.

• He quit his job.

• He closed his clinic.

• His funds and savings vanished.

• He was in debt.

• His relationship with his parents and siblings was at a new low.

The circumstances that led to this situation were:

• He thought of opening a good hospital.

• He and his family invested whatever they had and took out a considerable amount of debt.

• He employed a large number of doctors and other staff, and required a large sum of money every month to retain them.

• The output from the hospital was not even 10% of its capacity.

• Various government agencies were not allowing the hospital to function smoothly.

The seriousness of the matter was such that he stopped going to the hospital and started misbehaving with everyone.

When the doctor’s mother came to see me, I asked for two things, which were:

• Architectural test of the hospital.

• Horoscope check of subordinate employees.

He told me that though there would be no problem with the Vastu checkup of the hospital, getting the horoscope of the staff would be a problem. However, eventually, he managed everything. My primary emphasis was on checking Rahu, whose aspect was on the 10th house and positioned with the 10th lord. Rahu indicates improper energy at workplace. I finally came to the following conclusion:

• The ICU and recovery rooms were built on the east side, but should have been in the southwest side of the hospital.

• The doctor’s room was in an irregular shape.

• The geological tension in the radiation chamber was very high.

• Although the hospital building was renovated, it looked dilapidated.

• The magnetic field was relatively high in most places.

• At some places the magnetic field exceeded the permissible limit.

• Parallel vibrations were found at two locations.

• The Cosmos Telluric channel was also positive.

The next task was to check the horoscopes of some hospital workers. I was provided with the birth details of the finance head, hospital superintendent and specialist surgeons.

Some things I noticed about these office bearers were as follows:

• Kundli suggested that the capacity level of nursing staff and silent doctors was less than satisfactory.

• Two surgeons were autistic.

• The main defect was found in the horoscope of the financial head; There was a high probability that he could do financial harm to the hospital.

• Only a few can defame the organization.

• A negative public image syndrome was present in two key hospital functionaries.

I suggested some modifications in the end, which were:

• Some units, notably Radiology, MRI and Echo, were recommended for closure along with layoffs

• I suggested closure of Dental OPD and Orthopedic OPD as well as sacking of its support staff.

• I suggested closing the third floor of the hospital.

• I suggested to exempt from the financial item or reduce its powers or even replace it.

These steps were easily implemented. I wanted to implement a few more things, but only after reviewing the situation after six months.

Soon, the business began to flourish and to such an effect that even before six months were completed, the doctor himself asked for a review.

It’s been two years since my first visit to the hospital, and today, some of the departments that were closed have reopened. The hospital is doing very well and the doctor has also regained his composure.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is an experienced astrological scholar. visit his website www.vinaybajrangi.com Or call 9278665588 or 9278555588 for complete guidance on this topic.


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