Dr Vinay Bajrangi explains the issue of vanishing yogas

Dr Vinay Bajrangi explains the issue of vanishing yogas

Every horoscope has some or the best yoga inherent in it, but the native may not have experienced anything good because of it, which means that these excellent yogas have not blossomed.

The thief’s Raja Yoga can be very sweet, but whenever this yoga is activated and tries to give something to the thief, then in the very next moment he may get into trouble with Bandhan Yoga (Prison Yoga).

A molester or rapist can have a very good moksha yoga as long as he does not activate this yoga negatively and converts it into a bed bliss yoga. Otherwise, Baikuntha Dham Yoga converts into Jail Yoga with events or harmful activation of planets.

A surgeon, butcher or murderer has the same type of yoga, but they all activate this yoga in different ways.

So it means that the yogas which were meant to give good results changed their character and took themselves to the dark side. Kaal (period or era), Desha (country, region) and Patra (personality) are also necessary to get to the root of the analogy as to how yoga will be activated.

I will discuss how good yogas, when present in the horoscope, suppress themselves and activate negatively.

Gaja Kesari Yoga: This is an excellent yoga which bestows the native with wealth, knowledge, children and prosperity. This yoga is formed when the Moon is in the angle of Jupiter in a horoscope. This means that this yoga is formed if the Moon is in the first, fourth, seventh or tenth house from Jupiter.

Every other horoscope declares to have Gaj Kesari Yoga, while not everyone gets its full benefit. There can be many reasons behind this, but if examined critically, it will be found that some planets are either Shadastak (6/8 relation) to the Moon or Jupiter. If a planet casts a shadow to the Moon, the thought process of the person gets negatively inclined according to the nature of the planet, whereas if a planet casts a shadow to Jupiter, the intellect changes negatively according to the planet’s Shastak. Which negatively activated the planets giving yoga.

Kedar Yoga: By having this yoga, the person becomes famous and benevolent. Kedar Yoga is formed when seven planets come in the four houses of the chart. When the planets of the four houses do not cooperate with each other, then this yoga becomes negatively active and this negativity compels the person to commit crimes and become famous.

Kahal Yoga: If the lords of the front and the ninth house are in each angle, then Kahal Yoga is formed. It makes the native strong, brave and wealthy, but if the Ascendant is not so strong then it can fool the native. A fool can spend his energy on unattainable purposes, and become a laughing stock.

Lotus Yoga: Those who have lotus yoga in their horoscope become the masters of all arts. Kamal Yoga is formed when all the planets are in angle (centre) to each other. The center of the eighth house is the 11th, second and fifth houses, and if the planets reside in these center positions, the art they master will not pay much.

Musla Yoga: When all the planets are situated in a certain sign i.e. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, then Musal Yoga is formed. With this yoga the person accumulates a remarkable amount of money and immovable property. A negative trigger for this yoga leads the native to earn money from bad sources.

Neecha Bhang Raj Yoga: When the debilitated planets give up their weakness due to the combination of planets, then Neech Bhang Raj Yoga is formed. There are many combinations which cancel the debilitation of the planets. The cancellation of the debilitating planets in the horoscope is understood and applied incorrectly. A person with low Bhang Raj Yoga is entitled to become like a king or a king. A negatively active Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga will create a mirage of wealth for the native, but the native can never get it.

Akhand Samrajya Yoga: Akhand Empire Yoga is formed when the lord of the second, ninth or eleventh house is at an angle (kendra) from the Moon or the lagna (ascendant) and Jupiter is also at an angle to the moon, being the lord of the second, ninth or 11th house. . Or marriage. It provides immense wealth to the native, but if there is an internally bad planet in the triangles of these planets, then wealth is there but remains in the books.

Amla Yoga: When there is an internally benefic planet in the tenth house, either from the Ascendant or the Moon, Amla Yoga is formed. If there is this yoga in the horoscope of the person, then the person gets fame throughout his life. If this yoga is activated negatively, a Robinhood-type character develops.

Adhi YogaAdi Yoga is formed when an auspicious planet sits comfortably in the sixth, seventh or eighth house from the lagna or lagna. If there is this yoga in the horoscope of the person, then the person is really blessed. A negatively induced Adi Yoga brings fame through misdeeds.

Kalanidhi Yoga: Kalanidhi Yoga is formed when Jupiter is situated in the second and fifth house along with Mercury and Venus (aspect or position of these two planets). The native is an expert in many arts and practices. If there is some negativity in this yoga, then the native cannot earn from his expertise.

Pushkal Yoga: Pushkal Yoga is formed when the lord of the Moon sign and the Ascendant are at an angle to each other. The person having this yoga gets scholar and respect in the society. The negativity of this yoga leads the native to become the head of the evil army.

Bheri Yoga: Bheri Yoga is formed when there are planets in the second house, seventh house and twelfth house from the ascendant. The person with this yoga has a long life. A negatively functional Bheri Yoga will allow the native to live a long ill life.

Apart from the yogas discussed above, there are some good yogas which vanish if the auspicious planetary positions do not support the good yogas properly. Therefore, before feeling excited about these yogas, one must check their horoscopes to see if these yogas derail. I, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, have mastered the techniques of karma correction, however the positivity of good yogas can be achieved and the diseases that disturb these yogas can be balanced. Contact me to get your horoscope analyzed www.vinaybajrangi.com Or call 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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