Dukes can also swing without saliva due to quality, the owner says. Cricket news

Dukes can also swing without saliva due to quality, the owner says. Cricket news

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London: According to the owner of the ball-manufacturing company Dukes, swinging a cricket ball is not the only way to shine saliva aside. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned the use of saliva to shine the ball in the wake of a coronovirus epidemic.

“I don’t see a big swing problem in England,” Duke Ball owner Dilip Jajodia quoted the Guardian as saying.

“You have to keep a balance between the bat and the ball otherwise the game is boring, we know that. But it’s not just the shiny surface or the rough side that causes the swing, it’s the integrity of the ball.

“You don’t have to worry because you’ve got a good shape with a ball built like ours, a strong seam that acts as a rudder through the air and, because it’s hand-sewn, it’s long Time is tough, ”he added.

The ICC committee previously noted that the risk of the spread of the virus through sweat is ‘highly unlikely’ and there is no need to prohibit the practice.

“They are not banning the use of sweat, so you run your hand over your forehead, and with the nature of the leather, a stiff polish should move enough to give it a nice shine,” Jajodia said. said.

Earlier, Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc had said that the use of the salute to shine the ball could be banned so that the batsmen could scale higher in their favor.

Stark told reporters in a video interview on Tuesday, “He fights between the bat and the ball, we don’t want to lose it or even get ahead of that competition. So do something to keep that ball swinging Is required.”

“He mentioned the other day that this is only going to happen for a period of time and then once the world returns to a relatively normal state the saliva can return to flashing the ball.”


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