Dull partners with Amazon to take Microsoft teams

Dull partners with Amazon to take Microsoft teams

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Slack will use Amazon’s cloud services “for storage, computation, database, security, analytics, machine learning …Read more

Microsoft And Loose There have been rivals for some time now. Earlier this year, Slack won a major victory over Microsoft when it announced that more than 3.5 million IBM employees would use its platform. Now, Slack has revealed that this team is forming Adventuress To take on microsoft The teams.
According to a report from The Verge, Slack will use Amazon’s cloud services “for storage, compute, database, security, analytics, machine learning and future collaboration features.” The deal that ensures that Slack will not happen using Microsoft Blue Or even Google Cloud.
In an interview with The Verge, Brad Armstrong, vice president of business and corporate development at Slack, said the company did not use Azure. “The majority of our service always runs on AWS,” he said.
The report also stated that Slack will move its voice and video calling features to Amazon’s Chaim platform. When compared to the Microsoft team, Slack’s voice and video conferencing are not good. However, with Amazon’s partnership, Slack can improve on these two features. “For now, we’re just focusing on covering the back-end,” Armstrong told The Verge, “Chaim has additional features, we’re considering bringing a mobile experience to include video, Which it does not do today. We are also looking at transcription. “
Meanwhile, Microsoft has updated the teams with a set of new features. Soon, users of the Microsoft team will be able to choose from customizable templates such as general business scenarios or industry-specific templates. Team members will also be able to create new custom templates. The company states that the Templates feature in Thames will expire in the next few months and will appear automatically.
The company is also making it easier for teams to integrate chatbots by rolling out the Power Virtual Agents app in the Teams App Store.


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