Elon Musk Bill Gates has no clue about electric trucks

Elon Musk Bill Gates has no clue about electric trucks

Earlier this year, Bill Gates, co-founder MicrosoftCommented on electric vehicles and their batteries. Writing on his blog, Gates wrote, “Even with major breakthroughs in battery technology, electric vehicles probably won’t be a practical solution for things like 18-wheelers, cargo ships and passenger jets.” Tesla CEO Elon Musk Asked on Twitter what he thought of Bill Gates’ announcements referencing electric trucks. Musk had a simple and quick answer to the question and said Bill Gates There is “no clue” about electric trucks.

Musk has made it clear in the past that he is not very impressed with Gates. In another tweet earlier this year, Musk said that his interactions with Gates have been very brief.
Meanwhile, Gates has been a ‘fan’ of electric vehicles, although he does not own Tesla. In an interview earlier this year, he revealed that he drives a Porsche electric vehicle, the Tekken. Musk did not comment on Gates buying Porsche electric vehicles instead of Tesla directly.
Even in his recent blog post, Gates had positive things to say about electric vehicles. “EVs excel on short-hall travel. This means that they have great options for personal cars and even medium-duty vehicles such as city buses and garbage trucks, ”he notes on the blog. However, he remained skeptical about long-distance electric vehicles. He added, “Even though we develop cheap, long-range EVs that operate from zero-carbon sources. Electrification is not an option for many types of transportation.” Gates, meanwhile, did not mention Tesla in his blog, while naming companies that are making electric pick-up trucks. “You will soon be able to buy an all-electric pick-up truck thanks to giants like GM and Ford, and new carmakers such as Rivian and Bollinger,” he wrote.
Tesla and Musk are placing big bets on electric trucks. It is expected that in 2021 a tall Tesla truck will hit the streets. Semi, it is said that this truck will have a range of 500 miles and will cost $ 1,80,000.


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