Emanuel Macron ruling party struck new defenses in French parliament

Emanuel Macron ruling party struck new defenses in French parliament

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PARIS: Seven French MPs on Tuesday left President Emmanuel Macron’s party to join a new formation in Parliament, a fresh setback for the majority after several other MPs defected last week.
Macron’s Republic on the Move (LREM) lost its parliamentary majority last week after 17 MPs were demoted, though officials said the party would have no problem pushing through the law.
The seven latest MPs to leave will join a new faction called the “Egir Ensemble” (Act Together), which will be the 10th parliamentary group FranceThe National Assembly is a record number in modern France.
He added that the new faction – while remaining loyal to LREM – would be “agile” and would be in a position to shake things up after the coronovirus had passed.
The number of LREM MPs in the Chamber is down to 281, less than the absolute majority of 289.
After the 2017 parliamentary elections after Macron came to power, the party enjoyed a wide majority with 314 MPs.
However, the majority has been consistently destroyed, a process that has spread in recent weeks, even though LREM still retains the support of the centrist MoDem bloc.
The head of the new faction, Olivier Behat, insisted that the new formation was not in opposition and would “support the president’s action” and would be the “third pillar of majority” with LREM and MoDem.
A government source defied the latest changes, saying the ACT Together faction would be “completely loyal to a majority and a supplemental pillar”.
However another source said that the move was criticized by Prime Minister Edward Philip in an online meeting with LREM MPs.
Macron faces re-election in 2022, which many analysts expect will be a two-horse race with far-right leader Marine Le Pen.
An Odoxo Opinion poll published on Tuesday stated that Macron’s popularity rose seven points from the previous month to 35 percent of what he achieved in France’s Coronovirus fightback.
Last week, 17 members of the LREM party said they had formed a new political group called “Ecology, Democracy, Solidarity” (EDS) to advance greener policies, “modernize” the political system and social inequalities. Is to reduce.


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