England v West Indies Live Score, 1 Test Day 5: Joffra Archer finishes Roston Chase’s residence in Southampton Cricket news

England v West Indies Live Score, 1 Test Day 5: Joffra Archer finishes Roston Chase’s residence in Southampton Cricket news

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OVERS 36.5: Four! Flew delivery from Bess. Blackwood leans forward through cover for a boundary and plays a superb drive. WEST INDIES 108/4, need 92 more to win.
Shane Daurik came to the crease.
OVERS 35.4: WICKET! Jofra Archer At 37, Roston Chase ceases to be. The 73-run stand expires. Big Vic for England. Joffra walks out in celebration. Perfect Bouncer from Joffra. The ball kisses his gloves, shoulders and then does not appear high in the air. Jose Butler scored and took an easy catch. Great bowling by Joffra.
100 comes to the West Indies. They need exactly 100 more runs to win
Jermaine Blackwood 39 *, Roston Chase 37 *
OVERS 33.4: Chase guides Archer towards deep mid-wicket. He will get a couple. Good run between wickets by both batsmen. WEST INDIES 98/3, need 102 more to win.
It is drink time at the Ageas Bowl.
Overseas 31.4: Four! The third man is younger than Archer. Blackwood plays an upper cut and the ball runs towards third man to a boundary. West Indies 95/3, need 105 more runs to win.
OVERS 30.2: Four! dropped it! Stokes to Blackwood. Burns dropped Blackwood to a goalkeeper and ball race. England missed two chances. WEST INDIES 90/3, need 110 runs to win.

OVERS 29.6: RUN OUT CHANCE! Chase plays towards the cover point and shouts for a single. Blackwood says no. Both players are at almost the same end. Crowley fails to grab the ball on time. Stokes is not happy with this.
A 50-run partnership between Germain Blackwood and Roston Chase

Over 27.1: Four! Blackwood beautifully tilted it towards the square leg boundary. Archer looked shocked. West Indies 78/3, need 122 to win.
Jermaine Blackwood is assisted by a physio. Seems something is disturbing in his eyes. He is now fine and ready to resume batting.
Over 22.3: Four! Good luck! Flew from Bess. Chase extended the length and extended the ball towards a long field. WEST INDIES 64/3, need 136 more to win.
Pay attention to the situation:

Over 19.4: Four! Classy from Blackwood. He leans forward and plays a superb drive from Mark Wood through the covers. WEST INDIES 49/3, need 151 more runs to win.
OVERS 18.6: Blackwood cut the link and the ball ran towards the third man. Stokes, who is on the first slip, was quick to anticipate and go to his right and the ball to his left. Blackwood would get three runs.
Jermaine Blackwood and Roston Chase are at the crease. Stokes’s men are making a middle ground. Mark Wood has red cherries. here is my..!!!
The big news is that Johan Campbell will come to bat when needed. The West Indies still need 165 runs with 7 wickets in hand. Can they do it
Welcome back! It is the time of the second session of the day.

Johan Campbell on Project

That is LUNCH in the Ageas Bowl. WEST INDIES 31/3, need 169 more runs to win.
Blackwood 1 *, Chase 12 *
Archer 2/13
Wood 1/4
England fast bowlers Joffra Archer and Mark Wood claimed three early wickets on the final day as the West Indies got off to a shaky start chasing 200 to win the first Test. The visiting team scored 35 for 3 at lunch with Roston Chase (12) and Jermaine Blackwood (one) at the crease after opener John Campbell was injured due to a foot injury. The Barbados-born Archer dismissed Craig Brathwaite in the sixth over with a moving ball that the opener caught at stumps before he caught Shammer Brooks at LBW. Wood bowled Shai Hope for nine to leave the West Indies in a difficult 27–3.
Earlier, England were bowled out for 313 runs in their second innings. Gabriel finished with figures of 5-75 – his sixth five-wicket haul in Tests – while Roston Chase and Aljari Joseph took two wickets each.

OVERS 14.3: Review! A vigorous lbw appeal from Dom Bess against Roston Chase. Not out, says the umpire. Stokes has asked for a review. It is not out. WEST INDIES 31/3, need 169 more to win.
Now Germain Blackwood comes to the crease.
Over 11.4: Wicket! Mark Wood dismissed Shai Hope for 9 runs. The England bowlers chased the Windies by 200 runs. Hope gets a thin edge and the ball rips the stumps. WEST INDIES 27/3, need 173 to win.

Over 8.5: four! Great shot by Hope once again. He leans forward and sends Anderson through the covers. What shot was taken from him. WEST INDIES 20/2, need 180 more runs to win.
Over 8.3: Four! Amazing shot from Shai Hope. He finds the gap and sends Anderson towards deep extra cover for a boundary.
Over 7.4: Archer to chase. 5 WIDES
New man at the crease is Roston Chase.
OVERS 7.3: WICKET! With Jofra Archer attacked again, Shammer Brooks left for a duck. He is in front. Archer’s one big lbw appeal against Brooks. The umpire did not take much time and raised his finger. Brooks is not going to review. He is aware that he is OUT. West Indies 7/2

Shamer brooks came to the crease
OVERS 5.4: WICKET! Joffra Archer gave the first blood to Craig Brathwaite for 4 runs. Behind a long delivery from Archer. Brathwaite defends it, but gains an inside edge and the ball goes to the rest. WEST INDIES 7/1, need 193 more to win.
OVERS 3.6: Campbell is leaving the field. A broken toe, suspicious. He had hurt his toe with a deadly Archer’s yorker. The doctors are assisting him. Campbell retired is hurt.
Shannon Gabriel’s ‘High Five’

OVERS 3.2: Brathwaite plays it beautifully towards the backward square leg. He takes a duet and also runs for a third. WEST INDIES 6/0, need 194 more to win.
OVERS 3.1: Campbell followed the ball past the fours for a quick single.
Krieg Brathwaite and John Campbell are at the crease. The winds are ready for the chase. here is my..!!
England’s team is making its way into the middle order. James Anderson will open the attack for the Three Lions.
England were all out at 313. West Indies need 200 runs to win the first Test.
England scored 313 runs in their second innings in the Aegis Bowl on Sunday, giving the West Indies a winning target of 200 runs in the first Test. Host England resumed their innings at 284-8 – in a 170 lead – with Joff-ender Joffra Archer and Mark Wood at the crease but the overnight pair failed to present much resistance. The first bowler to dismiss Wood, Shannon Gabrielle, was dismissed as wicketkeeper Shane Dowrick at 303-9. Archer, who captained England to 300 runs with a cracking cover drive Jason holder, When he became the fifth victim of Gabriel’s innings at the age of 23, when he bowled a small ball to the keeper. Gabriel finished with figures of 5-75 – his sixth five-wicket haul in Tests – while Roston Chase and Aljari Joseph took two wickets each.

Over 111.2: Terrific! Gabriel dismisses Archer for 23. Gabriel’s appeal against Archer caught a loud back. The umpire has given an OUT. Archer has asked for a review. The ball kisses gloves on the way to wicketkeeper Dowrich. It is out. Five-click for Gabel. All out side for 313. Mach requires 200 runs to win.
Over 111.1: Four! stand and Deliver. Archer is accused. He smashes Gabriel for a long time. England 313/9, edge by 199 runs.
OVERS 109.6: Four! Down foot from Gabriel. Anderson did it to fine leg for a boundary. England 307/9, ahead by 193 runs.
Holder has set a special field for Anderson. Two slip, leg slip and a forward short leg.
James Anderson came to the crease. The Windies are 1 wicket away from batting.
OVERS 109.3: WICKET! Shannon Gabriel removed Mark Wood for 2. Wood threw his wicket. Wood leaves the crease and tries to play the cut shot but gains a thick edge. Doric takes an easy catch from behind the wicket. England 303/9, edge by 189 runs.
OVERS 108.2: Four! What a shot from Archer. It seems that he was ready to use the hammer. He stands tall and slaps the ball into the extra cover area for a superb boundary. The holder is not happy with this. England 302/8, edge by 188 runs.
OVERS 107.1: Wood from Gabriel. 4 runs. maid. Runs are flowing for England. England 297/8, ahead by 183 runs.
OVERS 106.3: Four! To Joseph Archer. The England batsman cut the ball towards the third man for the boundary. England 293/8, 179 runs lead.
OVERS 105.3: Is much wider than Gabriel. Archer makes room and smashes the ball. Great fielding on point. Only one run for Archer. England 289/8, edge by 175 runs.
OVERS 104.1: Wood to joseph. Wood plays backward square leg for this.
Alzari Joseph will begin proceedings on the 5th. Wood is on strike. here is my…!!!
An exciting day is on 5 cards. Jason Holder and his man making the middle path. Joffra Archer and Mark Wood are at the crease. England today has high hopes from Wood and Archer. Can they strike a good partnership today and help England get a solid edge against the West Indies?
Big day ahead The West Indies will aim to restrict England’s lead to under 200. Mark Wood and Archer will try to flourish England late.

Highlights from Day 4:

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 5th day of the first Test match being played at the Rose Bowl in Southampton between England and the West Indies.
We are in an exciting final day of the match, in which the two teams are beautifully contested.
After notable resistance on the day of remuneration of Zac Crowley (76) and Dom Sibley (50), it was a late burst from the Windies seamers that put the visitors a little ahead in the competition.
Shannon Gabriel (3/62) led the attack in the second inning, with others also hitting in unison for the West Indies as they overtook England in the final session with a 1704 lead at stumps on a score of 284/8. .
The Windies will now be ready to wrap up England’s tailors quickly and set themselves up as a target on the final day of the match.


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