England vs Pakistan Live Scores, First Test, Day 4: Butler, England are expected from Vox counterattack. Cricket news

England vs Pakistan Live Scores, First Test, Day 4: Butler, England are expected from Vox counterattack. Cricket news

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End of 58th over: A tight over from Mohammad Abbas ended. Just a single from it. Pakistan is in dire need of wickets and has now brought Nasim Shah into the attack. ENG 184/5
55.4 overs: Chris Woakes played a comfortable innings for Mohammad Abbas and England. He still has five wickets left. A 64-ball 59 was shared between Vox and Jose Butler. England 177/5
End of 54th over: Mohammad Abbas’ first over after T break. Just a single from it. Shadab Khan shared the ball with Abbas from Owner’s end. England 168/1
Jose Butler and Chris Woakes were out in the middle to chase England. Mohammad Abbas to start proceedings for Pakistan in the evening session. The wicketkeeper stands up to the customs stump. A slip and in-place gulal. here is my!
Second session briefly: Pakistan led the England-fightback, led by Jose Butler, as a top order broke through leading the first Test to a dramatic end at Old Trafford. England were 167-5 on the fourth day, needing 110 more to reach a challenging target of 277. Only twice did the team chase over 200 in the fourth innings of the Test at Old Trafford, making England. 294–4 against New Zealand in 2008 and 231–3 against West Indies in 2004. England made steady progress at 96–1, trying to end one run losing the first Test in each of their last five series. However, he, along with the captain, lost four wickets for 31 runs at a score of 117-5. Which root And Ben stokes Both are falling in the fall. But wicketkeeper Butler, who was a poor match in the field, disappeared twice Shan Masood Pakistan’s opener counter-attacked at 45, during the first innings of 156. One of the world’s leading white ball batsmen, but to name just one Test century, Butler was out for 32 at tea, sharing an unbroken stand of 50 with World Cup winner Chris Woakes (26 *).
tea break!

End of 53rd over: An entertaining second season comes to an end. A great match between Jos Buttler and Chris Woakes after the wicket. Both have added 50 runs for the sixth wicket off just 49 balls. Umipres has called for a tea break and England will be content with Butler and Vox’s effort. ENG 167/5, required another 110 runs to win. Pakistan need 5 more wickets.
Over 50 And Jose Butler and Chris Woakes continued to clash with a fast 36-run partnership (32 balls). Another 6 runs Yasir shah Comes to an end. England are 153/5 and need 124 runs with 5 wickets remaining to win.
End of 48th over: Counter attack of Jose Butler (24 *) and Chris Woakes (7 *). He scored 16 runs in the last two overs, which included two fours. 7-Yasir Shah’s over ended. Shaheen Afridi to continue from the other end. Eng 140/5
44.5 overs: Out! He was just invincible. Shaheen Afridi moves quickly around the wicket and the ball goes a good length. Takes the gloves Oli Pope And Shadab Khan made no mistake. The pope falls for 7 as Pakistan gets a major push towards victory. Eng 117/5

Over 41.6: OUT! Yasir Shah produces a major success for Pakistan. Wicket of Ben Stokes. The appeal from Pakistan was caught, but the on-field umpire did not state the rule. Ultra-Age confirms that it was involved and Pakistan now has a lot to do. They have thrown out the big man. Stokes scored 9 runs. England 106/4

100 comes to England!
Ben Stokes (4 *) and Ollie Pope (4 *) were dismissed for the hosts. England need another 177 to win. Pakistan need 7 more wickets to cover this test.
ENG 100/3 after 39 overs.

38.4 overs: Out! Nasim Shah and England captain Joe Root had a cracking delivery. In the first slip, it directly eds Babar Azam. Returned to Route 42. England have lost both their set batsmen in Root and Sibli. England is now in every kind of trouble in this run-off. England 96/3
Status alert
Most bowled out for Pakistan in Test by a bowler-fielder combination
16 Imran Khan – Javed Miandad
16 Asad Shafiq – Yasir Shah *
15 Abdul Qadir – Javed Miandad
15 Waqar Younis – Inzamam-ul-Haq
End of 36th over: OUT! Yasir Shah broke the crucial Joe Root-Dom Sable partnership. Sibli kicks out for 36 with a beautiful Aura. Big Booming Drive from Sibley but he fails to connect. The ball goes outward and Asad Shafiq makes no mistake in the first slip. Pakistan had a much needed success after lunch. England 86/2
34.4 overs: four! Four! Nasim Shah and Joe Root’s two loose balls make the most of it. The first ball clips under the fine leg fence before guiding the fourth ball of the over for the third man field to collect more than four. The partnership between Root and Dom Sibley (58 off 143 balls) is now steadily growing. England 80/1
50 run partnership Dom falls between Sibli (34 *) and Joe Root (26 *). England need another 205 runs to win. ENG 72/1 after 32 overs.
End of 30th over: Back-to-back maiden from Mohammad Abbas and Yasir Shah. Joe Root and Dom Sibley both looked comfortable in between, as Pakistan continued to seek success after lunch. England 70/1
End of 27th over: Another solid over from Mohammad Abbas. a young woman! Routes that currently want to defend only and settle after lunch break. Yasir Shah to continue from the other end. England 66/1
End of 24th over: Maiden! A superb over before the Yasir Shah post lunch. That over almost got Dom Sibley. Yasir is getting a lot of purchases from the surface. England 59/1
End of 23rd over: First incident on behalf of Mohammad Abbas after lunch. A boundary and a close were caught behind the call. Yasir Shah will share the ball with Abbas from the other end. England 59/1
In the post-lunch session, Dom Sibley and England captain Joe Root were out in the middle to chase England. Mohammad Abbas will initiate proceedings for Pakistan. Two slips and a place for him. here is my!
Lunch, day 4
First session in a nutshell: Mohammad Abbas removed Rory Burns after a valuable late-order run for Pakistan by Yasir Shah on the fourth day of the first Test against England at Old Trafford in Manchester. England were at 55–1 by lunch, yet they needed 222 more to reach the challenging victory target of 277. Dom Sibley 26 * and England captain Joe Route 18 were unbeaten. The pair stopped Pakistan after Burns (10) to Mohammed Abbas on a score of England 22–1, with the exact seamer pinning the left-handed batsman at the back leg from around the wicket. Abbas had six over 1–13 lunch figures, with a disciplined Sibli and Root content to lift occasional loose balls in front of some tight Pakistan bowling. Only twice did a team chase over 200 to win in the fourth innings of a Test at Old Trafford, with England scoring 294–4 against New Zealand in 2008 and 231–3 against West Indies in 2004.

So just one wicket for Pakistan before lunch and Joe Root and Dom Sibley were satisfied with their performance. England look strong but they still have a long way to go to chase this target of 277 runs. Yasir Shah completed the final over and the umpires called for a break. ENG 55/1 after 22 overs. The second 222 runs needed for victory.
England chased down 20 overs and Dom Sibley (21 *) and Joe Root (15 *) continued to lead their team. Just over five minutes to go for lunch. ENG 47/1, need another 230 runs to win. A change in bowling for Pakistan as soon as Shadab Khan came under attack.
End of 17th over: Another attempt by Nasim Shah ended. Just a single from it. Naseem has bowled quite well this season so far but he has not been lucky so far. Yasir Shah to continue from the other end. Just 20 minutes to go to lunch. Can Pakistan chip in one more here? England 36/1
End of 13th over: A good over from Nasim Shah ended. Four runs out of it. And, Pakistan now brought Legi Yasir Shah under attack. England 31/1
Over 11.1: OUT! Stuck in front! Mohammad Abbas got initial success for Pakistan. 10. Rory for Burns removes. The left hand takes a review but the umpire calls. Pakistan should take a step towards victory. He needed nine more wickets. England on the other hand needed 255 runs. England 22/1

Finished 10th over: England started off strong to chase the target of 277 runs. Rory Burns (10 *) and Dom Sibley (11 *) both look good at the crease. And we have the first bowling change for Pakistan. Naseem Shah comes to replace Shaheen Afridi. England 22/0
End of 8th over: Another tight end of Mohammad Abbas. a young woman! Pakistan have bowled well in the first 30 minutes but so far they have not been completely lucky. Both Rory Burns and Dom Sibley look to survive the first critical hour. ENG 14/0
End of 5th over: A staggering start by the England openers. Shaheen Afridi and Mohammad Abbas have bowled quite accurately so far and both Rory Burns (10 *) and Dom Sibley (2 *) look quite cautious at the moment. ENG 13/0
2 over: Mohammad Abbas starts with a young woman. Dom Sibley and Rory Burns both looked very cautious initially. Shaheen Afridi to continue from the other end. ENG 2/0
End of 1 over: Good start with Shaheen Afridi. Two runs from his first over. Rory Burns walks off the trail with a couple. Mohammad Abbas sharing the new ball with Afridi from the other end. ENG 2/0
Rory Burns and Dom Sibley are out in the middle to chase England’s target of 277 runs. Shaheen Afridi has handled the new ball for Pakistan. Three slips and a place for him.
Innings break!
Pakistan scored 169 runs in the second innings and gave England a target of 277 runs.
Asad Shafiq 29
Stuart Broad 3/37
Chris Vox 2/11
Ben Stokes 2/11

Over 46.2: Bolded him! And, Jofra Archer made a clean bold Nasim Shah to cover Pakistan’s innings. The visiting team is all out for 169 runs in the second innings but has set a difficult target of 277 runs for England.
Over 45.5: Out! A quick cameo of Yasir Shah ends. Once again Yasir goes for a big hit but this time manages to hand it straight to wicketkeeper Jose Butler. Stuart Broad got the third wicket of the second innings. PAK 158/9
45.1 overs: four! Yasir Shah is looking for some quick runs here. Stuart Broad’s first ball of the over was thrown straight towards mid-wicket. 150 comes to Pakistan along that border as well. PAK 152/8
44.3 overs: four! Four! Yasir Shah and two excellent shots from Pakistan crossed the 250 mark in the first over. A bridge and scoop from Jofra Archer and Yasir Shah goes straight into the act. Pakistan will need a few more of Yasir and Shaheen. PAK 147/8, edge by 254 runs.
44.1 overs: Yasir Shah and a straight race for Pakistan. Tucked the ball into the mid-wicket area for a pair on the pads of Joffra Archer and Yasir. Pak 139/8
Yasir Shah and Mohammad Abbas are out in the middle to resume Pakistan’s innings. Jofra Archer has the ball in his hand and will begin proceedings for England. Two slips and a place for him. here is my!
It is bright and sunny in Manchester at the moment. Just within 10 minutes to start. The players are warming up and we are moments away from an exciting day game.
Therefore, only less than 30 minutes to start for 4 days. Weekend weather looks very good in Manchester and hence the result in this Test is definite.
नमस्ते और मैनचेस्टर में ओल्ड ट्रैफर्ड में इंग्लैंड और पाकिस्तान के बीच पहले टेस्ट के दिन 4 की लाइव कवरेज TimesofIndia.com में आपका स्वागत है।
RECAP, दिन 3:

इंग्लैंड गेंद के साथ विवाद में वापस आ गया लेकिन पाकिस्तान ओल्ड ट्रैफर्ड में एक पेचीदा दिन 3 के बाद ड्राइविंग सीट पर बना रहा।
पाकिस्तान ने अपनी दूसरी पारी में आठ विकेट पर 137 रन बनाकर दिन का खेल खत्म होने तक 244 की कुल बढ़त बना ली, जहां पर्यटकों की फिरकी ने इंग्लैंड को 219 के स्कोर पर तेजी से आगे बढ़ने से रोक दिया।
यासिर शाह (नाबाद 12) और मोहम्मद अब्बास (नाबाद 0) चौथे दिन सुबह पाकिस्तान की बढ़त बनाएंगे और खेल को अपने मेजबानों से दूर ले जाएंगे।
केवल एक बार पहले 81 टेस्ट में 244 से अधिक सफलतापूर्वक ओल्ड ट्रैफर्ड में जीतने के लिए पीछा किया गया था, जब इंग्लैंड 2008 में न्यूजीलैंड को हराने के लिए चार में 294 पर पहुंच गया था।
पहली पारी से सेंचुरियन, शान मसूद एक बार दूसरी बार गोल करने के लिए आउट हुए, स्टुअर्ट ब्रॉड (2-23) की लेगसाइड के पीछे कैच हुए, जिन्होंने शादाब खान (15) को भी आउट किया।
क्रिस वोक्स (2-11) ने शुरुआती विकेटों के बीच में अजहर अली (18) और खतरों के खिलाड़ी बाबर आजम (5) को आउट किया, लेकिन कप्तान जो रूट द्वारा दूसरी पारी में 44 ओवर में पांच में से केवल पांच विकेट लिए गए।
बेन स्टोक्स, जिन्होंने पहली पारी में एक चौके के साथ गेंदबाजी नहीं की थी, ने मोहम्मद रिजवान (27) को आउट किया, जो देर से एक महत्वपूर्ण सफलता थी।
यासिर (4-66) इंग्लैंड की पारी के दौरान गेंद के साथ स्टैंड-आउट परफॉर्मर थे, क्योंकि उन्होंने विलक्षण पारी का निर्माण किया था, जो कि इंग्लैंड के बल्ले के अधिक देर तक उनके होंठों को चाटता रहेगा। मेजबान टीम ने चार के लिए 92 का दिन फिर से शुरू किया और ओली पोप (62) अपेक्षाकृत आश्वस्त दिखे, क्योंकि वह अपने पांचवें टेस्ट अर्धशतक पर चले गए, इससे पहले 17 वर्षीय नसीम शाह को एक लम्बाई से तेजी से उठने के लिए एक बल्ला पकड़ा, बल्ला पकड़ा। और गुलाम में शादाब खान के लिए एक कैच प्रदान करना।
यासिर ने बल्ले और पैड के बीच जोस बटलर (38) को बोल्ड कर दिया, उन्होंने स्केडिंग डिलीवरी के पहले वोक्स (19) को कैच करने से पहले असद शफीक द्वारा स्लिप पर शानदार कैच के लिए डॉम बेस (1) का कैच पकड़ा। ब्रॉड (केवल नाबाद 29) के देर से आए कैमियो ने इंग्लैंड को 200 के पार पहुंचाया, जिसमें पाकिस्तान के दूसरे लेग स्पिनर शादाब (2-13) ने पारी को समेटा।


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