England vs Pakistan Test Live Score: Pakistan won the toss, batting option in Manchester | Cricket news

England vs Pakistan Test Live Score: Pakistan won the toss, batting option in Manchester | Cricket news

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The rain stops playing Manchester!
And for the second time in the day, rain stops play. The first pause was brief but gives a longer look. It is also quite disappointing. Players are back in the dressing room.
PAK 121/2 after 41.1 overs.
50 up for Babar Azam!
Goes to his 14th Test half-century off 70 balls. Dom follows a boundary with a casual single from Bess to get his fifty. Babar with Shan Masood looked solid at the crease.

40th over ended: Drinks break! Hence, both Babar Azam (45 *) and Shaan Masood (45 *) are seen at the crease for an hour in the second season. Both have added 70 runs for the fourth wicket. Pak 113/2
100 up for Pakistan!
A grand shot through deep extra cover from Dom Beas and Babar Azam reached the score of 100 after 37 overs.
Shaan Masood 38 *
Babar Azam 39 *
PAK 100/2

End of 35th overAnother bowling change for England in the form of Joffra Archer has come to replace Stuart Broad. And he is directly hit by Babar Azam for a boundary straight down the field. Archer and Babar’s over-pitch delivery checked their shot at the last moment, eventually keeping it completely over the boundary for a long time. PAK 89/2
End of 32nd over: Five runs in Stuart Broad’s over. With both James Anderson and Broad failing to make a successful post lunch, captain Joe Root now brings off-spinner Dom Bess into the attack in place of Anderson. PAK 79/2
30.4 overs: four! A crack on Babur Azam’s backfoot from James Anderson. Babar kept the shot ball under full control and ran towards the cover fence. PAK 74/2
28.2 overs: four! After lunch for the second time James Anderson has led off the leg side and once again Babar Azam hit him comfortably in the wide mid-wicket zone to take four wickets. Babur turned 14 with that brilliant shot. Pak 69/2
27.3 overs: four! Short and Wide out of Stuart Broad and Shaan Masood kicks it through the backward point field to take their first boundary post lunch. Masood is in a 31 move and appears to be in good rhythm. Pak 63/2
26.1 overs: four! The bad start was from James Anderson. Babar Azam had a change on his pad and he wasted no time at that point. The leg flips to the side and the ball goes to the fine leg fence. First limit of the day for Babur. Pak 57/2
End of 26th over: Tight start to Stuart Broad directly after lunch. a young woman! James Anderson will share the ball with Broad at the start of the second season. PAK 53/2
Welcome to the post-lunch session on Day 1 in Manchester. Shaan Masood 27 * and Babar Azam 4 * are at the crease to resume the Pakistan innings. Stuart Broad will begin proceedings for England in the second season. PAK 53/2
Lunch Report, Day 1: Pakistan captain Azhar Ali was dismissed by 53 runs under the Flood Lights and Heavy Sky during lunch one day of the first Test match against England in Manchester. Ali was fronted by Chris Woakes as the hosts kept a disciplined line and length after being asked to field at Old Trafford earlier. Openers Shaan Masood (27 *) and Babar Azam (4 *) were at the crease, who tried to put some pressure on the home bowlers, who beat the bat regularly. Fast bowler Jofra Archer claimed that he was bowled by Abid Ali’s ball. 16) With a superb delivery that came back as the opener, which led to the half. Earlier, England have named an unchanged side that defeated the West Indies by 269 runs last week, although leading all-rounder Ben Stokes is unlikely to be used much with the ball due to injury. Pakistan have gone into the match with three seam bowlers and some spinners.

Lunch, Day 1!
End of 25th over:A great season ends with England ahead of the visitors. Shaan Masood (27 *) and Babar Azam (4 *) were unbeaten respectively. PAK 53/2
50 up for Pakistan!
Single off the last ball and Pakistan extended their half-century after 23 overs. After getting off to a solid start, he is in a precarious position with two wickets. Shaan Masood is batting on 27 balls with Babar Azam, who has opened his score with a single so far. PAK 50/2
End of 22nd over: Maiden! Another tight end of Jofra Archer. Both Babar Azam (0 *) and Shaan Masood (26 *) were watching Pakistan’s stationary ship. Pak 48/2

Over 18.1: OUT! Chris Woakes hit the pads in front of Azhar Ali and the umpire raised a finger. Ali goes straight for the review but it seems that he got it wrong this time. Replay and ball-tracking confirm that the bat was not involved and that the ball was hitting the stumps. The review went wrong for Pakistan as Azhar ducked for 6 balls. Pak 43/2
that was quick!
A little rain as the players returned to the ground. Jofra Archer is back on his mark to end the remaining two balls of his over. Pakistan captain Azhar Ali will once again be against him. PAK 36/1
Rain halt in manchester
And, we have our forced break just one hour after the match starts. Coming on the cover and the players running back. PAK 36/1After 15.4 overs

15.1 overs: Out! And England had the first success as Abid Ali, the palace of Joffra Archer. A peach of a delivery that just survived Ali’s rescue. He returned to the pavilion after scoring 16 runs. A much-needed breakthrough ultimately comes to England. PAK 36/1
End of 14th over: So, the first hour game is done and the dust is blowing and both the Pakistan openers have played very well so far. Shaan Masood and Abid Ali are looking solid as England introduced all four of their frontline sewers in the first part of the morning session. Pak 34/0
End of 13th over: Another tight end Chris Woakes. a young woman! After Joffra Archer replaces Stuart Broad, we have another change in bowling. PAK 32/0
End of 11th over: An introduction by Chris Woakes. Just one single off his first over. Abid Ali (13 *) and Shaan Masood (12 *) both look strong and smart at the crease. Stuart Broad to continue from the other end. PAK 30/0
8.4 overs: four! This time out of James Anderson and Abid Ali goes after it. A thicker gets to the outside edge and the ball flies past the gilly area for another boundary. Rory Burns went to her with full authority to her right, but failed to get an arm for her. PAK 27/0
8.3 overs: four! Resting on the pads of James Anderson and Abid Ali pushes the ball into the square leg area to take the first boundary of the match. PAK 23/0

8th over: Maiden! Another silence came to an end from Stuart Broad. Both Shaan Masood and Abid Ali hold important first-hour talks at the crease. Both batted at 10 and 3 respectively. Pak 18/0
Over 5.5: Four! Initially looking to drop the ball after Stuart Broad and Shaan Masood were out, eventually edging it. The ball leads the lane area to the fence. PAK 13/0
End of 5th over: So, Pakistan is an attentive start under a cloudy Manchester sky. Both James Anderson and Stuart Broad are quite clean in bowling, but Shaan Masood (2 *) and Abid Ali (2 *) also figure in this list. PAK 9/0
2.2 overs: four! And the first limitation of the series comes in the form of leg byes. A long delivery from James Anderson to leg side. The ball hit the pad of Shaan Masood and went into the hands of wicketkeeper Jose Butler for the boundary. PAK 6/0
2 over: Two runs from the first over of Stuart Broad. Both Pakistani batsmen Abid Ali and Shaan Masood are now out of points after the second over of the innings. James Anderson to continue from the other end. PAK 2/0
1.1 over: The first run of the series comes from Abid Ali’s bat. A Stuart Broad delivery towards the cover area for a comfortable single. Ali was out on the first ball. PAK 1/0
End of 1 over: An investigation started from James Anderson. A maiden first! A crack first saw movement in the air and off the pitch. Shaan Masood started with a lot. Stuart Broad will share the new ball with Anderson from the other end.
Its cold and cool in Manchester and James Anderson is the new cherry for England. Shaan Masood and Abid Ali are in the middle of Pakistan. Three slips and one place for Shan. here is my!
Playing XI for both teams
Pakistan: Shaan Masood, Abid Ali, Azhar Ali (C), Babar Azam, Asad Shafiq, Mohammad Rizwan (W), Shadab Khan, Yasir Shah, Mohammad Abbas, Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah

England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Joe Root (c), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jose Butler (w), Chris Woakes, Dominic Bess, Joffra Archer, Stuart Broad, James Anderson

Toss news: Pakistan captain Azhar Ali won the toss and opted to bat first in Manchester.

Pakistan’s squad all ready!

Just a few final touches for the Pakistani players before the start of the first Test at Old Trafford in Manchester.

Hello and welcome back for the start of another Test series in a ‘bio-safe’ bubble, England had successfully hosted the West Indies to mark the return of cricket from an epidemic.
Joe Root’s men won the three-match series 2–1. Starting today, there is a Test assignment against Pakistan, which will get its first taste of the conditions while playing in a world that is still in the grip of coronovirus.
The hosts are sweating the fitness of their hero against the West Indies, Ben Stokes, whose bowling fitness is under question; But England will certainly look for a chance to play the role of an all-rounder as a specialist batsman before dismissing him.
Watch the match preview here:
England are aware that another sluggish start to the Test campaign could prove costly as they look for a first series win over Pakistan in a decade.
The three-match competition is taking place at Old Trafford on Wednesday with the first Test. And while England may indicate recent series victories over most of their rivals, their last success against Pakistan dates back to 2010.
However, the campaign was seen as a ‘spot-fixing’ scandal at the Lords, which led to Pakistan prisoner Salman Butt as well as Pesar Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamir.
England have lost the first Test in eight of their last 10 series – including a 2–1 win over the West Indies last month, with a return to international cricket from a coronovirus lockdown.
This is a statistic they are well aware of. In-form England fast bowler Chris Woakes admits: “I would love to put my finger on it and I am sure the management and the team will also be together.
“It is not a coincidence, but it is almost, it is just a coincidence that we can lose in that first Test match.
“But we want to keep that right,” he said, turning to Manchester in the eyes of the global cricket community amid the epidemic in the absence of any other major international engagement outside England.
Pakistan’s last two series in England and 2016 ended in a draw, which should encourage tourists this time, even if compared to them going into the first Test on the backs of a pair of intra-squad warm-up fixtures in their ‘match. -Rough ‘to host.
“We have good preparation and team bonding,” Pakistan coach Misbah-ul-Haq said on Monday.
“Yet we always feel a little nervous when you play Test cricket after a long, long time (away),” he added ahead of his first Test match in six months.
मिस्बाह ने स्वीकार किया कि उनके बल्लेबाजों ने जेम्स एंडरसन और स्टुअर्ट ब्रॉड के साथ कैसे मुकाबला किया – जो अब वेस्ट इंडीज के खिलाफ लैंडमार्क में पहुंचने के बाद दोनों के पास 500 से अधिक टेस्ट विकेट हैं – श्रृंखला के परिणाम का निर्धारण करने के लिए एक लंबा रास्ता तय करेगा।
लेकिन पाकिस्तान के पूर्व कप्तान भी एक तेज हमले से उत्साहित थे जिसमें किशोर उभरते स्टार नसीम शाह के साथ-साथ सटीक मोहम्मद अब्बास का युवा वादा, और बाएं हाथ के शहीद शाह अफरीदी को शामिल किया गया था।
नसीम ने पाकिस्तान के तेज गेंदबाज वकार यूनुस और मिस्बाह की गेंदबाजी को काफी प्रभावित किया है, जब उन्होंने उन्हें लाहौर में एक्शन में देखा, कोच ने कहा कि उनके पास पिछले साल ऑस्ट्रेलिया में पाकिस्तान की ओर से एक “पूर्ण गेंदबाज” के रूप में तेज गेंदबाजी करने के बारे में कोई योग्यता नहीं थी।
फरवरी में बांग्लादेश के खिलाफ टेस्ट हैट्रिक लेने वाले नसीम सबसे कम उम्र के गेंदबाज बन गए और उन्होंने डर्बी में दो अभ्यास मैचों में 10 विकेट लेकर इंग्लिश परिस्थितियों को पसंद किया।
नसीम के मिस्बाह ने कहा, “वह वह है जो अपने दम पर टेस्ट मैच जीत सकता है।”
पाकिस्तान, फिर भी यासिर शाह और शादाब खान में ओल्ड ट्रैफर्ड में दो स्पिनरों को तैनात कर सकता है।
वेस्टइंडीज अपनी हालिया श्रृंखला में एक भी व्यक्तिगत शतक लगाने में नाकाम रहा। पाकिस्तान को उम्मीद होगी कि टेस्ट और एक दिवसीय अंतरराष्ट्रीय डेब्यू पर शाद मसूद, अजहर अली, बाबर आसम और असद शफीक दोनों शतक बनाने वाले पहले व्यक्ति आबिद अली को पसंद करेंगे।
इस बीच इंग्लैंड को तय करना होगा कि वेस्टइंडीज के डिकोडर में क्वाड की चोट के कारण बेन स्टोक्स के गेंदबाजी करने के बाद उनके XI में चार तेज गेंदबाजों के साथ टिकना है या नहीं।
हालांकि, स्टार ऑलराउंडर ने सोमवार को नेट्स में अच्छी गति के साथ गेंदबाजी करने की सूचना दी थी।


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