England vs West Indies Live Score, 1st Test: Roston Chase, Shane Daurich helped the West Indies take an edge against England at Southampton. Cricket news

England vs West Indies Live Score, 1st Test: Roston Chase, Shane Daurich helped the West Indies take an edge against England at Southampton. Cricket news

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Over 69.1: Four! Shane Dowrich waits until the end, uses momentum and cuts the ball towards the third man for a boundary. West Indies 209/5, edge by 5 runs.
West Indies take the lead against England
OVERS 66.6: Score Level! Chase sends Stokes to square leg for a single. The scores for the Windies are level.
OVERS 65.5: Four! Arse chase. Soles of feet. 4 runs. West Indies trill by 2 runs
OVERS 62.5: Four! Two fours by Dorich in Beas’s over. First towards mid on and now he takes it towards long off region. He did not spend much time at the crease. Great batting from him. West Indies 196/5, trailing by 8 runs.

Shane Dauric is the freshman at the crease.
OVERS 60.6: WICKET! Dominic Bess took his second wicket, Jermaine Blackwood scored 12 runs . Anderson took an easy catch at mid-off. West Indies 186/5, trailing by 18 runs

Over 58.1: Four! Blackwood at its best. What shot was taken from him. Out of Beas. Blackwood waits for this and he leads the Bees to extra cover deep to a boundary. West indies 184/4
Migrant 57.2: Four! Lucky Blackwood. The West Indies batsman gets an inside edge and the ball runs towards the fine leg fence. Anderson smiled. West Indies 179/4, trailing by 25 runs.
Germain Blackwood’s average in Test cricket.

Against england55.33
Against other teams24.00

Germain Blackwood comes to the crease.
OVERS 55.2: WICKET! James Anderson dismissed Sharah Brooks for 39 runs. A vigorous catch behind Anderson and Butler’s appeal against Brooks. The umpire raised his finger. Looks like this but Brooks goes for the review. The replay shows that there is a nick. It is out. Windies lose a review. West Indies 173/4, trailing by 31 runs.
OVERS 51.5: Four! Brooks sent Anderson to deep mid-wicket. Great shot from that. He picked up the length and clung to it with soft hands. West Indies 171/3
Over 49.6: Four! Great shot from Brooks. He stands tall and pushes Anderson towards the wicket for a four. WEST INDIES 167/3, trailing by 37 runs.
OVERS 47.6: On the pads from Anderson. Shamarh extended it to square leg for the pair.
Ben Stokes’s men are making their way to the middle. Brooks and Chase are at the crease. James Anderson is dressed with red cherries. here is my…!!

Welcome back! It is time for the second season.
That is LUNCH in the Ageas Bowl. WEST INDIES 159/3, TRAIL BY 45 RUNS
Shamer brooks 27 *
Roston chase 13 *
Ben Stokes 1/20
Dom Bais 1/20
The West Indies ended the day’s play at 159 for the loss of 3 wickets for 159 runs under the control of the first Test against England. 65) but added 122 runs in the empty Ages Bowl sun to score England’s first innings total. At the end of the first season, Shermer Brooks (27) and Roston Chase (13) were unbeaten batsmen.

OVERS 46.4: Four! It is lovely and a creamy drive from Chase. He leans forward and moves the wood beautifully towards the sweeper cover. Classy shot. West Indies 159/3, trailing by 45 runs.
OVERS 46.2: Four! Roston Chase gets an inside edge and the ball goes to the right leg boundary. It was quite close. West Indies 155/3, trailing by 49 runs.
Over 44.6: Four! Roston Chase plays a superb drive from Mark Wood towards the sweeper cover. West Indies 149/3, trailing by 55 runs.
Roston Chase arrives at the crease.
OVERS 41.6: WICKET! Ben Stokes dismissed Craig Brathwaite for 65 runs. A vigorous lbw appeal of Stokes against Brathwaite. The umpire raised his finger. Brathwaite discusses with Brooks and asks for a review at the last minute. It is out. England’s big wicket. West Indies 140/3

Over 41.3: Four! Brathwaite is currently sending Stokes towards mid-off. Excellent time than that.
Over 41.1: Four! Foot down from Stokes. Brathwaite is waiting for this. He did this well for the fine leg fence for the boundary.
OVERS 40.3: Brooks dropped the wood directly to the ground. He will get 3 runs. Great running between wickets by Brooks and Brathwaite.
OVERS 38.2: Four! Brooks hit the Bees for back-to-back boundaries. Better batting than that. West Indies 123/2, trailing by 81 runs.
OVERS 37.2: Four! Brooks uses speed, opens the bat face and guides the ball towards the fine leg fence. Joffra has a smile on his face. West Indies 113/2
Over 36.5: Fifty! Craig Brathwaite scored his 18th Test half-century

OVERS 35.2: Four! Less full toss than Archer. Brooks kicks out his front foot and plays a superb drive to a boundary. West Indies 107/2
Shamer brooks came to the crease
OVERS 34.3: WICKET! Dominic Bess struck out, with Shay Hope scoring 16 runs. The change in bowling worked well for Captain Stokes. Flew and out of Beas. Hope tries to play a drive, but gets a thick outside edge. Stokes did not make a mistake and took an easy catch at the first slip. West indies 102/2, 102 runs out

OVERS 33.4: Review! A vigorous lbw appeal from Archer against She Hope. The umpire has given an OUT. Hope discusses with Brathwaite and asks for a review. This is not a ball. Archer has overstopped. WEST INDIES 101/1, trailing by 103 runs.
100 comes to the West Indies.
There is a 50-run partnership between Craig Brathwaite and Shai Hope. West Indies 96/1, trailing by 108 runs.
Migrant 31.1: Four! Archer to Hope. Hope gets an edge and the ball goes over Gilli for a boundary.
OVERS 28.6: Brathwaite draws it beautifully towards deep mid-wicket. He will get a couple. West Indies 86/1
OVERS 25.6: Four! Brathwaite sends Mark Wood to the deep extra cover. Great punch by the West Indies batsman. West Indies 77/1
OVERS 24.6: Anderson to Brathwaite. The West Indies batsman guided the ball towards the third man for a pair. West Indies 66/1
OVERS 21.6: Brathwaite from wood. The West Indies batsman gets an edge but does not go to the first slip. Stokes is not happy with this. Brathwaite will get a pair. West Indies 61/1
OVERS 20.1: A vigorous catch behind Anderson and Butler’s appeal against Brathwaite. The umpire says no. Stokes discussed with Butler and went on to review. It is not out. The ball kissed the batsman’s pockets.
OVERS 19.5: Oh friend! 150kph from wood. Asha tries to play a drive but gets beaten.
Mark Wood is ready with the ball. here is my..
Bright Sunshine in ages bowl. West Indies batsmen are making Craig Brathwaite and Shai Hope The road between them. This is an important day for the West Indies. He will be seen batting for a long time.
Here’s what England fast bowler Mark Wood said ahead of Day 3’s action:

Hello friends and welcome to Timesofindia.com of the first Test between England and West Indies in Southampton. The match goes on for three days with the West Indies looking to take the game more under control after being behind the driving wheel on Thursday.

At the end of the game on the second day of play where West Indies captain Jason Holder posted a career-best Test bowling figures on Thursday with six wickets as his career-best proceedings.
Making full use of the circumstances, all-rounder Holder scored 6/42 and Pacer Shannon Gabriel claimed England’s four wickets for 204 were dismissed.
Ben Stokes scored 43 for England, captaining for the first time in Joe Root’s absence, but may regret his decision to bat first, winning the toss on Wednesday.
The West Indies displayed great discipline and shone their fortunes several times in reply as they reached 57/1 and kept themselves in good shape in the Aegis Bowl going on the third day when batting should help to improve the season.


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