Equivalent CoV-19 vaccine delivery tops PM Imran’s five-point UN agenda

Equivalent CoV-19 vaccine delivery tops PM Imran’s five-point UN agenda

Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday unveiled a five-point agenda to address structural barriers to global prosperity, providing equitable supply of code 19 vaccines to developing countries and repaying loans to most pressured countries until the epidemic is eradicated. Suggested suspension.

The Prime Minister, in his keynote address at the Fourth Session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTT) on Financing for Development (FFD) in Geneva Emphasis on action framework. Cheap supply of code vaccines to developing countries.

“It is important to increase the coverage of the Quix facility. This will enable developing countries to spend their valuable resources on the needs of economic development.

He described the epidemic as an opportunity to address the structural barriers to global prosperity and development, and to repay the debts of the most oppressed countries until the epidemic is eradicated under a unified and comprehensive multilateral framework. Proposed suspension of and restructuring of their public sector debt.

In addition, there was a need to expand concessional financing through multilateral development banks, he stressed.

Imran demanded Rs 500 billion for Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to help clear the balance of payments.

Reiterating his stance on the return of stolen assets held by corrupt politicians and criminals, the Prime Minister observed that illegal financial outflows from developing countries have led to more poverty than any other element in the world. ۔

“A staggering 7 7 trillion is reportedly standing in shelters. And there are reports that ایک 1 trillion a year leaves developing countries for these shelters,” he told the meeting. The Vice President of the Palawani National State, and the second Vice President of the Spanish government, the Prime Minister of Barbados, also addressed the gathering.

The fifth point of the proposed agenda was to meet the agreed goal of developing countries to raise 100 100 billion annually for climate change in developing countries.

Describing the economic downturn and recession as “highly communicative” like the Corona virus, the Prime Minister said that with his proposed letters, immediate action by global policy measures would save lives, revive economies, and improve economic recovery Was required for

He thanked the Secretary-General of the UNCTAD for convening the “critical” meeting and said that the world was facing an interconnected and unprecedented public health and economic crisis.

“Because the corona virus does not discriminate between rich and poor, the most vulnerable people and countries have suffered the most,” he said.

Imran feared that “millions of people will fall into poverty.”

He told the meeting that Pakistan’s efforts were aimed at ensuring the safety of the quaid-related and starving people.

“Our strategy, fortunately, is working well so far. But continuous efforts are needed to completely control the second wave of the virus, as well as to maintain economic growth and Also to encourage, “said the Prime Minister.

He said that the Covid-19 vaccine is now being used in developed countries but it seems that it will take more time to fully cover the vaccine globally.

He noted that as long as the epidemic persists, sustainable development will be stable. He added that developing countries are caught between recovering from the epidemic and meeting their debt obligations.

He said that in April last year, he had called for a “global initiative on debt relief” to create financial capacity for developing countries and restore economic growth.

“But I’m afraid there’s a lot more to this account. Otherwise, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by the end of 2030 will be a difficult challenge.


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