Establishment of 17 thematic groups of NITI Aayog, expatriate migrant labor, exposes LGBTQI community India News

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NEW DELHI: Concerns about health and nutrition Migrant labor And LGBTQI Communities for Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Bonded Wages – Government’s Idea Thanks NITI Aayog Identified 17 thematic areas and assigned equal groups to civil society organizations, ministries, departments and subordinates with representatives from UN agencies to enable effective policy formulation and implementation.
NITI Aayog is a step towards better collaboration and developing the best policy framework and program implementation mechanism. These subgroups will identify barriers, operational difficulties, policy constraints, and best practices to enable effective policy formulation, program implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.
Government think tank has constituted a civil society organization standing committee for engagement of CSOs, voluntary organizations and other development partners to achieve national development agenda and Sustainable development goals in India. More than 92,000 CSOs are already registered with Niti’s Aayog’s NGO Darpan portal.
The 17 sub-groups have been formed as part of the NITI CSO Standing Committee. 17 thematic areas of focus include Health and Nutrition, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Migrant Labor, LGBTQI, Child Rights and Child Protection, Human Trafficking and Bonded Wages, Women’s Empowerment and Protection, Disability and Access, Elderly Care, Sustainable Regulation of livelihood, education, entrepreneurship and skill development, disaster relief and environment, youth engagement, micro finance, innovation and technology transfer and mapping, capacity building and voluntary sector.
Sub-groups will identify CSO busy areas for better service delivery and efficient implementation of plans. They would recommend deliberation and action on specific issues specified by the government to suggest reforms in laws and policies. These sub-groups will also create a platform for CSOs to deliberate and recommend specific challenges and promote partnerships between the CSO and the government.
They will guide and work for the implementation of plans and programs in 115 aspirational districts and promoting schemes and programs for youth in Jammu and Kashmir.


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