EuroKids International’s HomeBuddy app bridges learning gap for kids during pandemic

EuroKids International’s HomeBuddy app bridges learning gap for kids during pandemic

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has brought the physical mode of schooling to a complete halt and there is still some time to resume. The toddler years have been hit the hardest as preschools are closed since March 2020 and learning through creative engagement is missing.

Studies have shown that early childhood education is extremely important as 90% of brain development occurs by the age of 5. Pre-schools have adopted technology to provide a variety of options such as pre-recorded classes, live online classes, educational apps and home schooling kits so that the physical pre-school centers are in some form or the other for the children during the closure. I can continue learning. March 2020. Concerned about the impact of the zero-learning year, a growing number of parents embraced these options to help their children learn concepts of language, numbers, colors, etc., all within the safety of their homes.


The pioneer of early childhood education, EuroKids International developed the HomeBuddy app to ensure continuous and seamless education for children. Contrary to some reports on the low impact of online learning, EuroKids HomeBuddy app users have had extremely positive experiences with the assisted learning format adopted for their children. More than 80% of parents using the HomeBuddy app saw their children achieve clear learning outcomes through the online engagement platform.

EuroKids HomeBuddy app was created to offer a mix of online and offline learning from the safety of your home with minimal screen time. The HomeBuddy app is a wealth of content and features including recorded weekly learning plans, fun zones with interactive games to reinforce learning, worksheets, audio visuals, DIY activities, Eurofit and YogaKids videos, Mindful+ and Euromusic videos, Read with stories, takeaways, live classes and a parent’s corner. The video has been viewed over 6,28,000 times on the HomeBuddy app and has been played for a total of over 1,40,425 hours. The most popular videos are on math, language, scientific thinking, mind+ etc which are essential for the growth and development of children. Toddlers from Nursery, Playgroup, EuroJunior and Eurosenior have attempted the Fun Zone questions more than 32,99,825 times.


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Santosh – a parent – ​​talked about the app, “I would like to thank the EuroKids management for coming up with such an app for kids. The HomeBuddy app is very user-friendly. I am managing this during testing times. I appreciate the rapid adaptive capability of the child to ensure that children’s education is not affected. One of the major benefits is that children are safe by learning at home. I am no longer worried as my daughter’s academic year is not spoiled Will happen.”


Parents across the country are excited and satisfied with the HomeBuddy app as it facilitates parents to learn how to engage their kids at home, as well as live and recorded classes, with kid-friendly, fun and engaging videos. provides. Clear, well-planned and practical format. 42% of parents said that their child is using the HomeBuddy app daily to learn, while 24% have used it 2-3 times a week and 15% have used it occasionally, but learn to use it do for.

Another parent – Vivek Mittal said, “I was very worried in the beginning. EuroKids has managed so well that it only took 2-3 days for the app to get comfortable. With the HomeBuddy App, students are learning the same way they did in school. Festivals are celebrated virtually as they would have been in physical schools. The chances of dropping out of school are less and parents are also prepared for their child’s education. In case someone misses a particular session, the recording is available and the topic can be covered easily. “


Mr. KVS Seshasai, CEO, Pre-K Division, EuroKids International said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented shift from traditional to digital teaching methodology. We were quick to identify the learning gaps that may arise due to the closure of pre-schools. As a pioneer of early childhood education and through our Child First ideology to ensure continuous and seamless education during the pandemic, we came up with the idea of ​​HomeBuddy App. The app is uniquely designed to help parents and children continue their learning engagement while at home. “

When asked whether they would recommend the Home Buddy app to friends and families, over 75% of parents said they are very likely to recommend the app to others to ensure seamless learning. EuroKids International will continue to offer the HomeBuddy app to parents of children across the country during the current academic year.


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