Ex-Pak PM Remembers ‘Reverse Engineering of US Missile’ to Demonstrate Its Relationship with Military – World News

Ex-Pak PM Remembers ‘Reverse Engineering of US Missile’ to Demonstrate Its Relationship with Military – World News

In an effort to demonstrate his links with the Pakistani military just days after targeting his leadership, deposed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has claimed that his government has launched an American mission to develop the country’s own missile program. The cruise missile was reverse-engineered.

Nawaz Sharif’s comment from London, where he is reportedly undergoing treatment, is being urged by the Imran Khan government for his passport. The move comes just days after forming an opposition coalition against the government.

Addressing the first major meeting of the Pakistan Democratic Movement via video link at the end of last month, Sharif was criticized militarily as “a state above the state”.

But later speaking to the media in London, Sharif said that he has greatly supported the country’s armed forces.

He claimed that his government reverse-engineered a missile launched against Afghanistan in 1998 in US attacks against al Qaeda targets in Afghanistan.

“One of these missiles landed in Balochistan and we used back-engineering (SIC) to develop our own missile program,” Sharif said.

“It was during my tenure as PM that Pakistan became a nuclear power, developed the JF-17 aircraft along with China and I can also claim that half of the missiles that Pakistan has developed are in my With support. “

The former PM said that he has all the love and respect for both military officers and soldiers. “There are very few people in the armed forces with whom I have a problem,” he said.

Talking about the opposition alliance, Sharif said that it is a matter of time that the current government will go. “If the country stands up, there will be a change in a few months,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to attack Khan, whom he called “selected … incompetent … insane”.

He said that Khan does not know how to govern and his government is failing.

Nawaz Sharif said that he would keep in mind those who brought Imran Khan to power.


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