‘Excess? Go for government facilities’: on petition seeking cap on charges of Kovid-19 in private hospitals – India news

‘Excess? Go for government facilities’: on petition seeking cap on charges of Kovid-19 in private hospitals – India news

The Bombay High Court in Goa has disposed of a petition challenging the inaction of the Goa government on the high rates charged by private hospitals for testing and treatment of Kovid-19 patients.

The High Court accepted the Goa government’s argument that “if a person finds the rates ineffective, he is always open to such persons to avail government facilities – free of charge.”

“Since most of the issues raised in this petition are the subject of a suo motu petition pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, it would not be proper for this Court to pass judgment on the same issues. The statement / statement submitted by the Advocate General regarding the rates for Kovid tests, to a large extent, redress the grievance on the issue, as well, ”said HC.

A physician, Dr. Aquavava Fernandes stated in his petition that the rates are “arbitrary, unfair and discriminatory, thereby violating the fundamental rights enshrined under Articles 14 and 21 of the Constitution of India and need to be amended and amended in its favor”. Public health and safety interests at large. “

The Goa government had last year framed charges for Kovid-19 treatment, which was considered ‘astronomical’. According to the notification, a private hospital cannot charge more than Rs 12,000 per day for a bed in a general ward at the rent of a room, Rs 15,000 per day for a twin sharing room, Rs 18,000 per day for a private room And Rs 25,000 per day for bed in ICU with a ventilator.

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Dr. Fernandes pointed out that the capped rates in some other states were much lower than in Goa which is by far the highest rates in India compared to other states. He said the rates have been stated in other states, such as Tamil Nadu (Rs. 2,500), Uttar Pradesh (Rs. 1,600), Maharashtra (Rs. 2,200), Kerala (Rs. 2,750) and Delhi (Rs. 2,200). ), Were very few compared to Goa.

Dr. Fernandes also argued that “poor conditions and over-stretched infrastructure prevailing in government-run hospitals prevent the general public from getting admission in government hospitals.”

“[On account of] Low penetration capacity of Kovid-19 patients and highly congested wards in government hospitals, diseased Kovid-19 positive patients are forced to move from pillar to entrance, eventually to resort to treatment in private hospitals Is done, “Dr. Fernandes said. His petition.

At the time this petition was filed in early October last year, Goa Kovid-19 was at the height of the crisis, with the state’s premier medical research facility – Goa Medical College and hospital being built for sleeping patients. With the picture. – Also, there is a shortage of beds in government-run facilities.

Since then, however, the situation has improved with active cases in Goa now only around 900, back to less than 3,000 cases.


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