Explained: CBSE Policy for Class XII Evaluation

Explained: CBSE Policy for Class XII Evaluation

NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday notified its policy for evaluation of Class XII students after the Supreme Court gave in-principle approval to the board’s formula.

The evaluation policy, as decided by the 13-member panel, will be based on a combination of marks obtained in class X, XI and pre-board examinations.

CBSE has asked schools to finalize the result and upload it on the portal by July 15, while the final result will be declared by July 31.


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Take a look at the details of the valuation policy here:

Theory Paper Evaluation Formula

30% weightage to class X marks

30 percent weightage for class XI marks

40 percent weightage of class XII marks obtained in Unit Test / Mid-term / Pre-Board Examination

Weightage for class X marks

It will be based on the average theory component of the three subjects with the best performing out of the main five subjects

Weightage for class XI marks

For class XI, 30 per cent marks will be based on the theory component of the final examination

Weightage for class XII marks

For Class XII, 40 percentile marks will be based on Unit Test / Mid-term / Pre-Board Examination

Practical/Internal Assessment Marks

The practical/internal assessment marks of class XII will be on actual basis as uploaded by the school on the CBSE portal.

repetition required

If a student is not able to meet the eligibility criteria, he/she will be placed in “Essential Repeat” or “Compartment” category.

past school performance

The total marks awarded should be commensurate with the school’s past performance in the Class XII board examinations.

The subject-wise marks assessed by the school for 2020-2021 should be within the range of +/- 5 marks obtained by the students in the school in the subject in the reference year.

The aggregate average marks for the school assessed in 2020-2021 for all subjects should not exceed 2 marks more than the aggregate average marks obtained by the school in the specific reference year.

If data is available for only two years of a school then the best performance out of two years will be taken and if data is available for only one year then it will be taken.

schools with internally moderate marks

As marks for class XI and class XII, components will be awarded at school level, they will not be strictly comparable across schools due to variation in quality of question papers, evaluation standard and procedures, mode of conduct of examination etc. .

Therefore, to ensure standardisation, each school will have to internally moderate the scores taking into account school level variations using a reliable reference standard.

results committee

The schools have been asked to form a five-member results committee to finalize the results.

CBSE will provide an online module for committee members to claim honorarium, which will be directly credited to their accounts.

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