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Fake Flipkart Site: Facebook Users, These Online Ads Are Dangerous

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Got a message on Facebook Saying that Flipkart Apple is offering iPhone 11 Pro for Rs 4,999? Beware, the message is a scam and the URL provided for the Flipkart website is fake. A Facebook post / story shows that Flipkart India Running a limited time offer and offering up to 95% off on all smartphones. When clicked, it takes you to one Fake flipkart site Which looks similar to the original website. But how does one recognize that this is a fake website? The answer to this question is in the URL of this fake website, which states Flipkart as ‘Flipkxrt’.

In addition, the page mentions the website as ‘Flipkart Lite’. Although the term Flipkart is large enough to attract attention, the word ‘word light’ is placed on top of it on a smaller front, making it less visible to the buyer.

Such fake messages can be found not only on Facebook, but also on other social media platforms like WhatsApp. Readers should know here that these fake versions of popular e-commerce websites are intended to lure innocent customers to give their personal information and banking details. Also, this is not the first time we have come across a fake Flipkart website. In October last year, Times of India-Gadgets Now reported a fake website by Flipkart claiming that it would offer a 90% discount as part of festive sales.
However, no one can prevent such fake websites from popping up from time to time, but can take some additional measures to avoid falling prey to such online fraud. It is recommended that readers check the URL of the website before proceeding to any website. Typically, these fraudulent websites contain strange URLs or they intentionally misspell the word to make it appear legitimate. Incorrect logos and incorrect / misspelled names of the company are other common things that can help in solving these scams.


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