Fear of apprehension even before the arrival of government. India news

Fear of apprehension even before the arrival of government. India news

New Delhi: PM Modi, while advancing the government’s retaliation and dismissed the opposition’s charge that the soon-to-be-implemented agricultural sector laws will end the MSP regime, with the Center announcing a higher MSP for Rabi (Crop sown in winter) next week

The announcement would be about a month in advance when it would be made as usual and fits in with the government’s plan to give no quarter to the opposition on the issue. Once again, Modi celebrated the passage of two bills in the Rajya Sabha as a “watershed moment” and convinced farmers to continue the minimum support price procurement mechanism.

In a series of tweets, Modi asserted that the new legislation would free farmers from being bullied by middlemen and ensure a complete transformation of the agricultural sector. “For decades, the Indian farmer was surrounded by various obstacles and was harassed by middlemen. Bills passed by Parliament free the farmers from such calamities. These bills will accelerate efforts to double the income of farmers and ensure greater prosperity for them.

“Our agriculture sector is in dire need of the latest technology that helps hardworking farmers. Now, with the passage of bills, our farmers will have easy access to future technology that will boost production and produce better results. This is a welcome move. Refuting the opposition’s allegations, the PM reiterated that the MSP will be continued in future as well. “I said it before and I say it once again: the MSP system will continue. Government procurement will continue,” the PM said and added, “We are here to serve our farmers. We are here to support them and help them. Will do everything possible to ensure a better life for generations.

The Ministry of Agriculture usually announces a new MSP for sowing of rabi crops such as wheat, mustard and pulses, beginning in mid-October, but blunting the opposition’s attack earlier this year and showing the government’s honesty Attempt may be the problem.

The announcement may give farmers an early indication of the choice of crops that they can choose for sowing during the winter.


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