Federal government is not following constitution, guilty of gas crisis: Sindh

Federal government is not following constitution, guilty of gas crisis: Sindh

Murtaza Wahab, a spokesman for the Sindh government, said Monday that the federal government was not abiding by the constitution and that the province was facing a severe gas crisis.

“Everything is clearly mentioned in the constitution but it is not being followed,” a spokesman for the PTI-led federal government said at a press conference in Karachi.

He said that Sindh has produced 70% natural gas in the country but domestic and industrial consumers are not getting supply. Murtaza told reporters that the constitution clearly states that the province has the first right to use natural resources.

A spokesman for the provincial government described the impact of the gas crisis on Sindh, saying that in the current situation, domestic, industrial and commercial consumers as well as transporters have been submerged.

He also noted that Sindh has made a lion’s share of the revenue but industrial units will naturally face lower production and further reduction in tax collection.

In addition, Murtaza added, gas shortages have also led to a decline in power generation, which will adversely affect both the industrial and domestic sectors.

Prime Minister Imran Khan should not take notice of any issue, as the move has always resulted in price hikes and market shortages. He has raised the prices of sugar, flour, medicines and other daily necessities. Mentioned


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