Final Year Exam: Any question bank, SPPU official says

Final Year Exam: Any question bank, SPPU official says

PUNE: The examination department of Savitribai Phule University of Pune (SPPU) has decided not to give any question bank for preparation for its final year students. Instead, Variety will conduct a mock test of students to ensure that they have an idea of ​​the exam. The examination scheduled for October 1 for all final year students of the undergraduate and master courses will have multiple choice questions (MCQ) and will be in the prevailing method.

While the University of Mumbai has decided to provide question bank to the students for their preparation and for their information about such questions, the students of SPPU have also demanded for the same.

Mahesh Kakade, director of SPPU’s examination department, said, “No decision has been made to give the bank to the students. We understand that the paper pattern is different from earlier years, yet students can appear for mock tests and receive can do.” An idea about the questions asked. ”

“Mock tests will be conducted three-four days before the scheduled examination and students can appear for it,” he said.

SPPU officials said that there are about 4,000 courses for which at least 2.5 lakh students will take the exam and in such a short time it will be difficult for the students to prepare the entire question bank.

Officials said that no question bank would ensure that the exam would be conducted in its purest form.

Even though this decision has been taken to ensure the seriousness of the exam, the students believe that it will be difficult for them to prepare for the examinations. Kamalakar Shatte, a commerce student at SPPU, said, “In doing all this, we are giving exams in a descriptive manner, and this is the first time that tests will be based on MCQ pattern. Also, many of us don’t have them. . It will be difficult to prepare study material with them. Question bank will be an easy way to prepare for the exam. ”

Another student of SPPU Marathi Department said, “The concerned colleges or departments should at least give PDF files of study material so that we can prepare for the exam. It will be too late for us to take the mock test three-four days before the exam . Prepare for the last one. ”

Another law student at ILS Law College said, “Law exams are based entirely on descriptive questions and there are some subjects in which we cannot imagine as MCQs. We are now ready to prepare for exams Seeking the help of professors. But some should consider the type of questions at least 10-15 days before the final exam. ”


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