First class game to be played in empty stadium: Babar Azam. Cricket news

First class game to be played in empty stadium: Babar Azam. Cricket news

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Lahore: Pakistan’s white bowler Babar Azam feels that playing behind closed doors will make it look like he is playing a first-class match and he also said that it would be difficult for everyone to keep pace with the first.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) has given some guidelines regarding bringing cricket back on its feet in the wake of the recent coronovirus epidemic.
While they have banned the use of saliva on match balls, match play is almost certain in empty stadiums.
Azam told Cricbuzz, “It will be very difficult. The fact that there will be no one in the crowd. It would feel like we are playing a first-class match.”
“You will not be able to shine the ball according to ICC guidelines.
He said, “It will be difficult when people are present in the stands, it will be fun to play cricket. When the children come to see, they also think and aspire to play at this level. I am sure we will miss these things . ”
Babar was recently appointed as the ODI captain of Pakistan and said that he draws inspiration from former World Cup winning captain Imran Khan.
Azam said, “I have not seen him (playing) but I have heard a lot. I have clearly seen the highlights of the 1992 World Cup and other games.”
“The way he took bold and brave decisions (on the field) was quite inspiring and he led from the front.”


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