Fitness level is slightly submerged, intensity will increase gradually: Neeraj Chopra | More sports news

Fitness level is slightly submerged, intensity will increase gradually: Neeraj Chopra | More sports news

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Neeraj Chopra (Getty Image)

NEW DELHI: There is a difference between ace-spear thrower Neeraj Chopra Used for training and what he is doing now. However, he is still happy to be back outside, even though it is now without a spear, a device he has mastered in his career, but one that he could not do much during the last two months.
“It was definitely a great pleasure,” Neeraj told IANS on Wednesday, when asked how he felt when he received the news of starting outdoor training. “That’s why we’re here in camp, to train. So when that wasn’t an option, there wasn’t much to do. For now we’re looking to go back to the way we’d trained before all this Were.
“Staying away from training for too long is not good for any athlete. For the last two months I was doing some exercise to maintain core fitness, but really could not do anything while holding a spear. Now hopefully We can slowly find ourselves back. Our routine. ”
The 22-year-old is one of the many elite athletes who lived full-time at the hostels of the National Institute of Sport (NIS) in Patiala. Lockdown Coronavirus was planted amid epidemics. He, along with a few other fellow spear throwers, arrived at the NIS in mid-March to disassociate himself from his overseas training camp. Exactly a week later, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockout for the first time on 25 March.
Outdoor training for athletes at NIS began on Monday, but they are not yet allowed to use their equipment. Neeraj however is not too bothered by this as he has to rebuild the strength before taking full steam.
“(Training) starts at around 6.30 and right now we are not spending more than two hours. Gradually we will increase the intensity,” he said.
An elbow injury and subsequent surgery forced Neeraj out for the entirety of 2019. His last big event was the 2018 Asian Games where he blasted the national record to win gold. However, he was eligible for it Tokyo Olympics On his first attempt in January this year. During the next three months, the epidemic will actually take global proportions, leading to the postponement of the Olympics on 23 July next year.
Neeraj said that he and his coach are not too worried about the recurrence of that injury due to the applied break.
“No, it’s not too much of an issue. I’ve completed my full recovery and even competed in some competitions. So there’s no fear of that injury recurring.”
“But yes, in these last two months my fitness level has decreased a little bit. I have to bring my elbows and shoulders back to full strength again and only then will I go back to the heavy training I used to do earlier. ” .
“Coaches haven’t really measured how much body difference it has made. Maybe a fitness test can be taken sometime in the future, but I don’t really know if my weight is actually very Not much has changed. It just requires strengthening some important muscles. ”
Exercise The Federation of India (AFI) said last month that it was looking to restart the domestic calendar in September if the situation climbs and President Adele Sumariwala has made it clear that no foreigner is eligible for any athlete this year Training camp will not be organized. Neeraj said that there is no hurry to receive training with full intensity, with no competition in the horizon.
“The thing is that there is no competition going on in the near future, so we don’t need to do anything. Nothing will happen until at least November of this year. There is no scope to go out for any training. Or competitions, ”he said.
The new training program is anything but what used to be.
“We have to wear masks when we come and go. We don’t wear masks during training, because it’s not good for our health. Sanitizers are present and we all have to maintain social disturbances at all times. We have to be on time. Have to come back. ” Our room after training. Apart from this there is not much intensity training happening at this time, ”he said.
He is one of India’s foremost contenders for medals at the Olympics and Neeraj says that all he is doing now is with the goal of being ready for the event next year.
He said, “The Olympics are always on my mind. You have to start preparing for this kind of event from now on. My focus is on getting fully prepared for the Olympics.”


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