Five months later, a fire broke out at an oil well in India World news

Authorities say a well-known oil fire in northeastern India has been under control for more than five months.

Oil India engineers have been fighting the war in Assam since the June blasts and have been fighting for weeks since the start of massive natural gas emissions.

The blast killed two employees of a state-owned company, which sent a wall of flames and plumes of smoke into the sky. In September, a third worker died after an accident at the site.

Experts from Singapore, the United States and Canada took part in efforts to contain the blaze, and Oil India spokesman Trudeau Hazarika said on Sunday that the fire was now completely extinguished.

“The well has been dissolved with salt water and is now under its control,” he said, adding that the well had yet to be covered. “There is no pressure in the well now and there will be 24 hours of monitoring to see if there is any amount of gas transfer and pressure increase.”

Thousands of villagers in Tanskaya District were evacuated to relief camps after the threat began.

A farmer living next door said his house had been damaged by the fire and hoped the damage would be fully compensated.

“Even if a fire breaks out, we probably can’t live in this house anymore. We don’t just have our cows, goats, fields, crops, but our mental and physical well-being,” Akhishwar Chetia told The Indian Express. Are also lost. “

Baghjan Oil Field is adjacent to Debru Sekhowa National Park and is home to a number of endangered species, including lions and elephants. The region is also home to many birds.

The Wildlife Institute of India said in a July report that the oil spill has had a “massive impact” on the life of native plants and animals.

The Institute added, “There is a long-term persistence in the release of toxic soils and sediments, which will not only affect the current living conditions, but also cause long-term permanent release, long-term health. There is a serious threat to that. ” .

According to the firm’s quarterly financial results released last week, the catastrophe cost India more than .5 30.5 million by the end of September.


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