Former BJP minister joins Congress in MP, Scindia likely to be loyal in by-election India news

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BHOPAL: Former Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan Government Kanhaiya Lal Aggarwal On Thursday, he joined the Congress party along with his supporters. Pradesh Congress President And Veteran leader Kamal Nath Gave him primary party membership in PCC office.
KL Aggarwal was an MLA from Bamori assembly seat in Guna and lost to former minister and Jyotiraditya Scindia loyal Mahendra Singh Sisodia in 2013 and 2018.
Sources in the Congress said that Agarwal could now be pitted against Sisodia in the BJP for the upcoming assembly by-election. In 2008, Aggarwal defeated Mahendra Singh Sisodia but in 2013 Sisodia won by a margin of 18,000 votes. KL Aggarwal was denied a ticket in 2018 and contested as an Independent after Brijmohan Singh Azad of the Congress Party and BJP, followed by Sisodia, but finished third.
KL Aggarwal joined Congress on Thursday afternoon as former Chief Minister Kamal Nath Said, “I did not know KL Agarwal well. So when I met him I asked, what is your goal? And he said, to make all the salute people sit at home.” Kamal Nath argued that the whole country is watching how Madhya Pradesh Some individuals have to go for a by-election due to financial behavior.
“This is not a regular by-election, but one that will determine the future of Madhya Pradesh. Everybody knows how the BJP lies. In 15 months we were in government, only eleven and half months for Congress to work But this politics has badly affected Madhya Pradesh by BJP’s infamy and fraud, “Kamal Nath said while addressing the new members in the state Congress office.
“Shivraj Singh Chauhan claims that allowances are being given to migrant laborers who go back. How many people have received allowances so far?” Kamal Nath asked. “We have started the waiver of agricultural loans and accepted that we cannot complete it. But if the Congress returns to power in the state, the agricultural loan waiver scheme will be restarted,” he said.
KL Aggarwal said that he is happy and excited to join the Congress party. “Till 2013, I developed Bamori constituency as a minister. But the Chief Minister (Chauhan) wanted to give ticket to someone else. When the party gave me a ticket to contest the election, he gave me Rs 6 crore for candidacy. Accused of giving. BJP lies. ” And its leaders speak untrue. ”
He said that after the BJP refused to give him a ticket in 2018, he contested as an independent. Praising the then Kamal Nath government, Aggarwal said, “Every decision taken by the Kamal Nath government was for the welfare of the people. BJP leaders call themselves the protectors of cows and have not built a single cow-shelter in 14 years. Kamal Nath government Not only built cow-shelters but also halved the electricity bills of farmers.


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