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Former FBR chief Shabbir Zaidi discussed withdrawing from the tax authority

On Friday, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Syed Shabbir Zaidi spoke openly about his time with the tax authority and the reason he left the agency.

Zaidi’s revelations came to light during the hearing Jang Media Group Hosted by Sikandar Lodhi’s program “War with Breakfast”.

Responding to a question from a guest participant, the former FBR chief said that one of the reasons for his resignation was that senior bureaucrats Arbab Shehzad and Dr Ishrat Hussain were opposed to changing the Board of Revenue to Pakistan Revenue Service Of was

He stressed that the FBR would have to be transformed into the Pakistan Revenue Service, adding that “a low paid bureaucracy can never fix Pakistan”.

The former chairman also said that unregistered companies in the cigarette industry would have to be brought into the tax net.

He lamented that as chairman he could not succeed in abolishing taxes on manufacturers and taxing retailers.

Legal experts Khazama Bukhari and Noorullah also addressed the gathering.

Zaidi cited health reasons when leaving the FBR

Zaidi was the Chairman FBR from May 10, 2019 to January 6, 2020.

His resignation came after much speculation about the circumstances surrounding the decision.

In January 2020, Zaidi went on indefinite leave citing health issues. The following month, he dismissed speculation about his resignation, saying he was unable to perform his duties due to ill health.

The federal cabinet later approved the appointment of Noshin Javed Amjad as head of the FBR. Zaidi was simultaneously removed from the post of honorary chief of the revenue body.

Amjad’s appointment, however, was short-lived.

In July, Amjad was removed as chairperson, and was replaced by Muhammad Javed Ghani.


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