France begins testing travelers from 16 countries for the virus

France begins testing travelers from 16 countries for the virus

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French PM Jean Castex (AFP, file photo)

Paris: The traveler Enter France by 16 The countries Where coronaviruses are widespread, they undergo virus tests upon arrival. French airport And ports.
France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex announced last month that testing for incoming passengers would need to begin from 1 August, which France is allowing from listed countries, as long as they are done within 72 hours of their departure Do not present evidence of negative test.
Those who test positive in France by Saturday will have to quarantine for 14 days.
France is not allowing normal travel to and from the US in 16 countries, including the United States and Brazil. The test requirement therefore only applies to people entering limited circumstances – “French citizens who live in these countries or are citizens of these countries with an established residence in France,” Castex has said.
Daniel Court was tested at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport after arriving from the French Riviera city of Nice. He admitted not to love the experience.
“It is very fast, but I must say it is not very pleasant. It is surprising. But we have to do it, ”the court said.
Another passenger who tested after landing at the main airport in Paris, Nadia Vucic Of Belarus, he said he thought the new policy meant.
“It is certainly necessary, and I am glad that it is possible to do it here in France. It is very convenient.” Health officials have said that the number of confirmed Kovid-19 cases in recent weeks jumped to the French mainland has gone.
The government had earlier made it mandatory to wear masks at all indoor public places.
After bringing the country into a deadlock for nearly two months between March and May, the French government has announced yet another nationwide lockout.


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