France delayed retirement reform due to large-scale attacks

France delayed retirement reform due to large-scale attacks

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Paris: FranceThe government is delayed due to the division of the country’s retirement system, at least until the end of the year, because this crisis is not over because of the economic crisis. Universal epidemic.
Prime minister Jean Castex After meeting with unions on Friday it was announced that Pension reform “Will be maintained.” But he also said that instead of insisting the government finalize this summer, it would expand the negotiations on the details of the plan in the coming months.
The scheme will eliminate some specific pension schemes, under which some people, such as railway employees, are allowed to take early retirement and others, such as lawyers, pay less tax. In addition, the government is discussing with unions whether to increase the retirement age to 62, or increase taxes to make the pension system financially sustainable in a country with a higher life expectancy.
The plan prompted weeks of striking strikes and protests by unions that would force people to work longer hours for less money, fearing changes. director Emmanuel Macron The logic of the new system, which aims to unify 42 state-funded pension systems, would be appropriate.
This was a major promise in Macron’s 2017 presidential campaign, and the government hoped to pass a pension law in the summer. But now the economy is expected to decline by at least 11 percent this year, increasing unemployment and threatening many of Macron’s plans.
The government is now focusing on an economic reform package worth 100 billion euros instead.


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