France unveils law to fight Islamic fundamentalist ‘enemy’ – news of the world

France unveils law to fight Islamic fundamentalist ‘enemy’ – news of the world

A draft law to incite France against Islam’s radicalism was unveiled on Wednesday, promoted by President Emanuel Macron in what he calls “separatists” to pull out of the country.

Parliament is expected to have a lively debate on draft legislation in the coming months. The measure has long gone through various name changes, from making and refining before its presentation, and is now known by the delicate title “Supporting Republican Principles”.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said those whose project is to “divide and spread separatism” are at the center of “separatism”.

Isolationism is particularly dangerous, as it is “an expression of a conscious, principled, political-religious project with an ambition to legislate religious norms,” ​​he told a press conference.

In an interview with the newspaper Le Monde, he said that the nature of a law is long-term and would apply to any political ideology that threatens French values, “even though today it is radical Islamism that we can fight in all ways Let’s try.”

Castex and others insist that neither Islam as a religion nor regular Muslims are targeted by draft legislation. The text is not named in a text composed of about 50 articles intended to enable better inspection of mosques, associations, public services and schools. The objective is to reduce the space where fundamentalists can work and ensure that French values, including secularism, are guaranteed.

Notable measures include school compulsory from the age of 3, with the ability to choose in favor of home schooling only for special cases. The measure is aimed at ending so-called clumsy schools run by fundamentalists with their agenda.

Another article encourages mosques to be registered as places of worship, so that they can be better recognized. Currently more than 2,600 mosques are operated in the country under the rules of the unions. Foreign funding for mosques, while not prohibited, should be declared if it exceeds 10,000 euros.

The draft law would punish it for trespassing and to keep a doctor in jail for a year, to provide a young woman with a virginity certificate, sometimes before marriage.

To avoid forcibly marrying, a remedy requires meeting an officer separately for interview when there is doubt about free consent. If doubt persists, the officer should take the matter to a prosecutor who can refuse the marriage.

French residence cards will be prohibited for those practicing polygamy.


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