“From Zero to Hero, and from Hero to Zero” – reading your horoscope correctly

“From Zero to Hero, and from Hero to Zero” – reading your horoscope correctly

There are instances when most of the planets are exalted in a person’s horoscope, but he still doesn’t do much. There are also instances of horoscope where most of the planets are in debilitated position, but the native does remarkably well. This means that exalted stars are not a guarantee of extraordinary success and inauspicious planets are no testament to definite defeat.

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Important role of ascendant

I have clarified many times in my video presentations and blogs that the planets in a horoscope are according to the position of its ascendant and it does not mean that it should be exalted. But, it is also true that a strong Ascendant can induce other planets to give the results as per their wish.

Astrologers can also make mistakes

Those who study astrology and have gone into some depth to understand what Bhava-Bhavam is, must have witnessed a phenomenon which is wonderful in itself. According to the Bhavat-Bhavam, which is a fundamental Parasari rule, the power of a planet depends on the house it is located in. For example the Sun is the lord of Leo, but it is not considered beneficial to its own house meanings if it moves to the sixth (house of distress) in Capricorn or the eighth from its house in Pisces. . According to this analogy:

1. Venus in Libra (own house) may not be beneficial to Taurus (another house of Venus) and Venus in Taurus may not be beneficial to Libra. This is because the relation of Taurus and Libra is sixth-eight (shadastak to each other).

2. Mars in Aires may not be beneficial for Scorpio and vice versa again relation is Shadashtak.

3.Jupiter is exalted only when it transits eight houses from Sagittarius; Again, octaves.

These conclusions drawn from Bhavat Bhavam can send any student of astrology into a frenzy as some of the most widely read verses of astrology are inappropriate. Some of the rules that I tabulated above and some other observations that are outside the purview of an ordinary person in astrology have the opposite effect of what they actually were.

The mirage of excellent yogas in the horoscope can spoil the game.

A father once visited my office with the horoscope of his son, who had turned 40, but was doing practically nothing. He told me that he had shown his son’s horoscope to several astrologers and they all had the same opinion that the horoscope was excellent and that in no time the boy was going to shine like no one else. The horoscope was indeed an astrological beauty:

1. Most of the planets in this were either exalted or in their zodiac.

2. He started running the dasha/period of his exalted ascendant at the age of 24.

But to utter misfortune, this fellow did nothing but rely on the huge family income coming from rent. The pundits spoke very well of him, but they were all stunned:

1. He will read and be highly qualified; But, he did not go beyond class 12th and passing it was also a task as it took him some extra years.

2. He would have his own business which would flourish, but on the contrary, he tried his hand at many businesses, and they all flopped.

3. He would be highly successful and would help many to stand on their own feet, but on the contrary, he was a failure and a get-together.

This was a case where the planets were well placed, but the person was not shining.

Inauspicious doshas in horoscope are not always harmful

In another case, a mother chose me to interpret her child’s chart. I usually don’t look at charts of children under 12 years old (Mansagri says it is immoral to look at children’s horoscopes until they are ill) but he insists that many respected astrologers had many negative views about that horoscope And this scared her. .

1. Born in Mool Nakshatra.

2. He had many planets which were debilitated.

3. Some yogas like Balarishta were present in the Kundali.

4. The untimely death of their child was indicated by many astrologers.

5. Even if he had lived, he would have little things to cherish. He will be a burden on the shoulders of his parents and later on his siblings.

He had performed many rituals to please the almighty, but still, fear did not leave him.

I assured him that the child was going to live a long life and he would be the most successful in his family. And as far as the customs are concerned, I told him not to do anything. I gave her a time-plan in which I recorded the child’s progress. I told him to get in touch with the biweekly just to know that things were indeed progressing according to plan.

Vedic astrology helps to solve the mystery

Both cases teach us something:

1. The strongest also need the help of others: the person who had strong planets was not helping each other, and the person with weak planets was helping others.

2. A strong lagna has planetary propulsion, but it must have substantial back-up from other stars.

Strong planets can convey complacency while weak planets infuse a sense of urgency.

4. Strong planets may not give results as they may try to pass the deer to any other planet. Those who study astrology must have read that the Mooltrikon zodiac sign of an exalted planet is definitely destroyed.

5. Strong planets bloom once and if not taken advantage of they forget their positivity.

6. There are many other theories in which a strong planet carries more negativity than a weak one.

brainstorming for all

Those born with a silver spoon in their mouth, who are heroes to many, may have a very normal or average life; Whereas, those whose horoscope was considered to be zero can do remarkably well.

The man who was once considered a hero was still struggling at the age of 40. His stars were so aligned that he was his own enemy and a big zero in life. On the other hand the boy whose mother was nervous and scared will lead a very good life. His chart may indicate zero for most astrologers, but those who know the intricacies of charts understand that the chart is not of zero but of a hero.

Vedic Astrology – The Final Saying

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He says that astrology should be used to communicate positivity and not complacency to the extent that a person develops a complex of superiority. Astrology is used to make oneself from zero to hero and not from hero to zero.

A short session with him can completely change your perception of Vedic astrology and turn your life from a zero to a hero.

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