Funding of the Anti-Child Abuse Campaign in Germany

Funding of the Anti-Child Abuse Campaign in Germany

IslamabadThe German government has announced funding for a Pakistani NGO to raise awareness about child abuse in the country.

According to German Ambassador Bernard Schlagke, his country’s Foreign Office is funding a community project to sensitize people to recognizing and preventing child abuse.

He said he was proud to co-operate with dedicated members of the society and thanked them for resolving an “important and taboo social issue”.

The representative of the society said that it is a non-profit organization, which is committed to creating a better, more peaceful society through its engagement through creative expression.
He appreciated his NGO’s partnership with the German government to raise awareness about child abuse.

“We are working on a very important initiative, which has always been very close to our hearts,” he said.

Meanwhile, the German ambassador said in a tweet that his country is the biggest bilateral contributor to the anti-coronavirus vaccine platform, COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access.

“Germany has provided 2.1 billion euros in funding for vaccines for developing countries. Pakistan is among 142 countries that will soon receive vaccines under the initiative.

COVID-19, co-organized by Gavier, all three partner agencies, including Counter-Epidemic Prevention Innovations and WHO, is the only global initiative working with governments and manufacturers to ensure that COVID-19 The vaccine is available in both high quality. Income and low income countries.


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