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A It may sound like a burqa-wearing boxer, a wedding planner in a high society, and a former criminal’s wish list for the next series. Big Brother, But they are some of the characters in an amazing new Pakistani drama show

The series was named “Lock, Stock and Four Smoking Burqas” ChorilesIs the first in Pakistan to show homosexuality. It was written and directed by British-Pakistani filmmaker Asim Abbasi, and tells the story of four women who set up a spy agency behind a front of a burqa boutique to catch cheating husbands.

Choriles “There is a story about women in society,” Abbasi said. In Pakistan, women’s status is tantamount to being a sexual or ethnic minority due to the dynamics of male power. This series is very culturally specific, but also very universal.

However, the series starting this week is more than just justice Disappointed housewives The main characters in the hijab have been controversially dealing with smoking and swearing, such as dealing with issues such as child abuse and domestic violence, as well as homosexuality, which are illegal in Pakistan.

“Since we are showing different ranges like women, it was important that we show the whole field of sexuality,” she said. It would be wrong if they were all straight because not all women in Pakistan are straight, ”said Abbasi, who lives in Leeds.

There is also a transgender character. “The reason for opening a women’s intelligence agency is to create a level playing field for everyone who recognizes a woman, so a transgender character who recognizes her as a woman should also be included. “

He added: “The fact that she was not addressed on the transgender show and it is intentional. It is not that I am ignoring her identity or embarrassing her. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; the show’s title literally translates to witchcraft, but is often used as an insult to rebellious women, she said. There is a global trend, but especially in Pakistan, any woman who is sexually and emotionally free, who has the ability to be aggressive even when threatened, is called a cheerleader. Taking in the name of honor.

Character boxer Zubeida in boxing ring.

One of the spies is boxer Zubeida, Mehr Bano played. Photographer: Life

Abbasi, who was born in Pakistan and moved to the UK as a teenager, was approached by the Indian streaming service Z5 to make the series after the success of his first film. Cake. When people say it doesn’t represent our culture, what do they mean they don’t want to acknowledge the presence of these women in our society? People who consider people rude today will not be considered obscene in 10 years. If we are going to change things, we as filmgoers have to push the boundaries.

Through traditional TV dramas based on women in Pakistan, they focus on domestic issues such as cheating husbands and hard-working in-laws. However, with ChorilesAbbasi hopes to capture not only Pakistan’s young generation who are more affected Break up Compared to Bollywood, but also the global audience that has more shows than foreign TV thanks to the streaming services.

Actress Mehr Bano, who plays a boxer, Zubeida, said: “The fact is that we have moved beyond being a national audience and are now targeting the global market. Taking over responsibilities, claiming their place and dismantling the noble structure, especially for a country like Pakistan, where female characters in local TV are misunderstood.

The series begins at a time when the representation of Asian women on British TV has been highlighted on shows such as the BBC. A decent boy, And Indian match making On Netflix, but for many it has not been as progressive as it could be, with critics saying they are rewriting marriage stories in the same order.

“While we are not where we should be in terms of diversity, we have to start somewhere and adaptation is culturally rich,” Abbasi said. “You could say that Choriles A woman should have been made, but those opportunities are not yet for women in Pakistan so I want to be an ally so that their stories can be told.

So at one time A decent boy, Could there be a series about a group of inappropriate girls that brought about a fundamental change in Asian representation on TV? “I hope so,” he said.


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