George Floyd protest: Indian-American executive becomes national hero after sheltering protesters

George Floyd protest: Indian-American executive becomes national hero after sheltering protesters

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Washington: An Indian-American healthcare executive turned local and national hero after he illuminated the United States in a protest movement sheltering scores of peaceful protesters in his peaceful home as they were chased by police in a brutal crackdown in front of White Was doing. Making way for a photo opportunity for President Trump.
44-year-old Rahul Dubey waving a flock of protesters in his tenement house on Swan Street near Dupont Circle as police unilaterally stopped him on the lane and demanded to arrest him. Dubey told local media, “They spread sheer hell on peaceful protesters just after my protest.” “I just leave the door open and keep shouting,” Come in. Go to home I can literally hear the skull cracked. ”
Eventually some 70 people got coughs in the house and tears spilled from pepper spray eyes, worrying the homeowner, a Democratic employee in California who was worried about his house, would be damaged in police action. The protesters stayed on all night as Dubey and some of his neighbors ordered pizza and coffee for him before the curfew was lifted at 6 am – no arrests and no damage.
Extensive local and national coverage of the event amid increasingly large and peaceful protests by the Trump White House as “rioters of murderers, terrorists, arsonists, anarchists, anarchists, thugs, hoodlums, robbers, ANTIFA and others” met. Suggested a Trump’s tweet.
In fact, most of the protesters are young, idealistic and peaceful, and often have to be some hotheads, including intruders, who commit arson and violence.
Dubey said on Tuesday, “My 13-year-old son grows up, as he (the protester) does.” Hopefully they will keep fighting and I hope that they will go there in a peaceful manner today, as they did yesterday, and not blink an eyelash because our country needs more from them right now. ”


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