German court banned Kovid-19 performance – World News

German court banned Kovid-19 performance – World News

Germany’s highest court on Saturday banned a demonstration in the northern city of Bremen, planned by opponents of lockdown measures aimed at spreading coronovirus.

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The lower courts had already refused permission for the protests, planned for Saturday afternoon, with 20,000 protesters due to call in Bremen’s city center.

Last month, German police used water canons and pepper spray to attempt to expose thousands of protesters to Coronovirus restrictions in Berlin.

Although most Germans accept the latest “lockdown light” to stop the spread of coronaviruses in a second wave, critics say the amendments endanger the civil rights of citizens.

The head of Germany’s Public Health Agency said on Thursday that the country’s success in dealing with the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic in March and April had led many to doubt the seriousness of the virus or even its existence.

Lothar Willer, head of the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases (RKI), said this meant that many people were now failing to take social disturbances and quarantine regulations seriously, causing Germany to now appear at a higher level.

While daily infection numbers are no longer rising as fast as before, case numbers have stabilized at a high level, and Germany on Wednesday reported its highest one-day death since the onset of the epidemic.

On Saturday, the number of confirmed coronovirus cases in Germany rose 23,318 to 1,153,556, RKI data showed, while the death toll rose from 483 to 18,517.

Chancellor Angel Merkel and state leaders on Wednesday agreed to extend restrictive measures, including keeping restaurants and hotels closed and limiting the private ceremonies of five people from two homes, to 10 January.


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