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Germany makes ‘painful cuts’ for fishing sector in Brexit deal – Business news

German Agriculture Minister Julia Kloecker warned of “painful cuts” for the European Union (EU) fishing industry as the bloc reached with the United Kingdom due to the trade agreement.

Fishing was one of the most contentious issues in the Brexit negotiations concluded on Thursday, and the agreement means that the EU’s share in UK waters will fall to 25% over a five-and-a-half-year period. During that time mutual use rights remain unchanged.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union member Kloeckner said she liked the cuts to be “substantially lower”, promising support for the sector.

“It is all the more important that the agreement provides for a defined period of time, defined quota rules and guarantees access to the fishing grounds,” Kloecker said in an email statement.

He said, “It provides at least a certain plan of protection.” “But it is also clear that we should support the fishermen and give them a hand in this difficult situation. Looking to 2026, it will be important to find a long-term solution. “

French Minister of European Affairs Clement Buenne said the fishing agreement on Friday was “a difficult endeavor, but acceptable and notable”, while the EU should not go beyond the agreed 25%.

“We have ways to apply pressure – I hope, and we’ll fight for it – that access will be maintained,” Buenay said on 18th Radio. He said that France would support millions of tonnes of euros in the fishing sector.


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