GGDSD College organizes online national lecture series on Gamification

GGDSD College organizes online national lecture series on Gamification

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CHANDIGARH: PG Department of Information Technology Department of GGDSD College conducted a two-day online lecture series on the topic ‘Gamification, Machine Learning and IoT Security’ which was concluded on Wednesday. The purpose of the session was to increase faculty learning amidst the Kovid epidemic lockdown.

Over 70 faculty members from across the region participated enthusiastically in the lecture series.

As a part of his online inauguration speech, the principal of GGDSD College, Dr. Balraj Thapar said that the lecture series were proof that the enthusiasm to learn and acquire knowledge was continuing even during the COVID19 epidemic. He said that the online learning effort would ensure optimum utilization at trial time.

The first session of the first day, Drs. Ganesh S., CEO, Campus Levers and Chennai, who spoke about the importance of sports-based education in education. He elaborated on how gamification is an effective technique to bring about positive changes in students’ behavior and attitudes towards learning, thereby improving their motivation and engagement.

In the second season, Dr. Manoj Chaudhary, Data Scientist, IIT Roorkee addressed the participants about the learning system model. Major topics that the expert focused on included machine learning, deep learning, types of machine learning algorithms, and their practical applications in day-to-day life.

Second day session Dr. Given by KR Ramkumar, Associate Professor, Chitkara University, Punjab. He told the participants about IoT and security.

Upkar Krishna Sharma, President, GGDSD College Society, Chandigarh, while addressing this honor function, praised the college as an innovative effort to ensure productive use of lockdown period by improving the skill set of faculty with e-learning modules To be.


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