Global report: Delta’s rise in various issues has led to tougher sanctions Corona virus

Moscow has so far recorded a daily death toll in any Russian city, as the highly contagious Delta is forced to impose strict sanctions on various countries in the Asia-Pacific region and has raised concerns about holiday travel in Europe. ۔

Vaccination has reduced the number of infections in many wealthy countries, and in many parts of the European Union and the United States, it is easier to prevent everyday life, but experts warn that the rapid spread Tensions mean – while the end of the global slowdown – is far from over.

The World Health Organization reported the lowest number of cases worldwide since February this weekend, but warned that the Delta variant, which now exists in 92 countries, is one of the largest in the world, from Indonesia to Russia. A deadly new wave is brewing.

Workers bury a man with code-19 who died during a last rites at a cemetery in Dipok, Indonesia
Workers buried the man who died along with Kovid 19 during the last rites at the cemetery in Depok, Indonesia, on Sunday. Photography: Adidas / EPA

Moscow recorded a record 144 deaths in 24 hours of bombings across the country on Sunday. Russian The capital’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, warned that the “only solution” was “rapid, large-scale vaccination.”

In most European countries, meanwhile, infections, hospital admissions and death rates have not been seen since last summer, with several governments tightening restrictions this weekend as large-scale vaccination campaigns begin. What is it.