Gmail new feature: Google is bringing this much-awaited feature to Gmail

Gmail new feature: Google is bringing this much-awaited feature to Gmail

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Internet search giant Google is adding a new Quick Settings menu to its Gmail service that will give its users an easy way to customize their email inbox in terms of layout, settings and themes.

This facility will be made available to all G Suite customers as well as users with personal accounts. It is already being rolled out in a phased manner and will be rolled out gradually for all users as per the G Suite update’s blog post.

As part of this new feature, when Gmail users click on the Settings icon, they will see a new dialog box displaying different interfaces, inbox types, and options parallel to their inbox. Selecting each interface, the inbox type and display option will show real-time changes in their inbox so that they can see how the settings work in real-time.

“We’re making these options easy to find, and let you locate them in real-time, so your actual inbox will immediately update to show you what the settings will do. We hope this will make Gmail for you It will be easier to work in the best way. ”

The traditional full settings menu will still be available to users by clicking the “View All Settings” button at the top of the new Quick Settings menu.

As part of the new customization settings, Gmail will allow users to change the density of displayed text and information, choose a different type of inbox “to help prioritize and organize email, to quickly view emails Add a new reading pan. ” Apply a theme to personalize the inbox.

“Note that this update adds an easy way to access settings that are already in the full Gmail settings menu. There are no new settings, and users’ existing settings cannot be changed with this update, ā€¯Google said in a blog post.


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