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T.Teenage girls go missing They were found hanging from a mango tree. Whether or not they can have sex before they die. Were they killed or were they killed themselves? There are eyewitnesses who may be attackers. Their stories do not match. To add to this, a visual image description. For days the corpses hung from the trees, repeating, knocking on each other in heartbreaking comedy, while the grieving women of the village formed a circle around the trunks of the trees to prevent the girls from going down. ۔ If they come down, Padma and Lali (not their real names) will be forgotten. As long as the bodies retain the power of fear, they will be safe from numbness.

“Location is the confluence of circumstances,” Yuraura Velti wrote in his 1957 article “Fiction in the Place”, “What Proved, What Happened? Who’s Here? Who’s Coming?” Good girlsThe changing answers to these questions encourage half-truths and lies, leading to the ancient fields of Katra Sadatganj, the “eye-opener of a village” in Uttar Pradesh, northern India – whose existence is in danger. This ancestral land, which is a manifestation of power and identity for those who work in it, puts it in the lentils Katie, Clothes on the back; he made them farmers. Without it, they were landless laborers. The occupants “believe that if something goes wrong, they will feel as if they have noticed a change in the shape of one’s palm. But that was not the case. After that, Sonia Falero’s amazing and In the controversial book, there is a highlight of shared imprisonment.

Falero uses a real crime story structure. The need for readers to understand these premature deaths and to make sense of the world means that its real purpose Good girls – To address and combat the horrors of the realism of inequality. Janet Malcolm’s decision “Journalists justify their betrayal in different ways according to their mood. Journalist and killer (1989) More violent talk about freedom of expression and the ‘right of the people to know’; The least talented talk about art. “In that sense, Falero is a fair writer: as with his first non-fiction film Beautiful thing – A portrait of Bombay table dancers Good girls Full of purpose Facts are presented without igniting grief and anger.

When the story unfolds, the reader acts as a spy, preceded by “chapters” – a phone call, a text, a snatch of a conversation, an entry that can later be denied, to “evidence”. Collect The author will not hold your hand when you unravel the mystery. Instead, you try to solve it yourself.

At the heart of the book, and important for interpreting events, is the question of consent خاص in particular, of consensus. Padma and Lali have been repeatedly referred to by relatives and politicians as family assets. There has been a lot of debate about whether he has been abused – at one point media reports have declared him invincible, and yet the evidence is beyond reasonable doubt. In the name of protecting family honor, important evidence is tampered with: phone recordings are erased, witnesses are asked to reconsider their stories, and potential rapists. The number increases from one to five. The idea that the girls would have a romantic life with the village boys has been crushed in the white noise of gossip and misinformation.

Falero’s articles are numerous and interconnected – from the corrupt politicians of India and the media to the harmful effects of caste bias and the systematic roadmap through the police force. But her main theme is that she is involved and she repeatedly goes back to the lack of agency that the girls have restricted their lives, as they roam freely in the village and its surroundings. The author concludes that “the first challenge of an Indian woman was to escape from her own home”.

The girls are now set to free themselves for the night to sit in the fields after dinner because the only difference is the system that keeps them under constant surveillance. And that is the distance of possibility, at the “confluence of circumstances” in Valletti, where Padma and Laila walk with life, only to die hours later. Good girls There is a beautifully calibrated book, full of suspense on the final pages, urging us to walk and listen tonight.

Published by Nikita Lalwani Viking. Published by Sonia Falero at The Good Girls Bloomsbury Circus (RRP £ 16.99). Visit to order a copy. Delivery charges may apply.


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